Dark Rose Valkyrie

Dark Rose Valkyrie Gets New Character and Combat Details

Published: April 7, 2017 10:16 PM



New details about Idea Factory’s upcoming JRPG Dark Rose Valkyrie, previously Black Rose Valkyrie, has had new details revealed on the official website. Details include new character information and battle system explanations. Dark Rose Valkyrie will be available to play on PlayStation 4 this spring.

Dark Rose Valkyrie
Coo Franson


New characters introduced on the website are twins Amal and Coo Franson. Amal is an energetic boy who looks after his twin sister. In contrast to her brother, Coo is shy and introverted but very smart. You can see both the Franson twins normal and split personality forms on the website.

Also detailed on the website is new information about the Tactical Combat System or TCS. The anti-chimera weapons are suited to a variety of battle situations from close combat to mid and long range battles. To become a ranged weapon armament, parts can be equipped to Valkyrie weapons. Armament parts include an assault rifle, shotgun, gatling gun, sniper rifle, missile launcher, and shield. To create more powerful armament parts players can use a process called Development.


Development is not only how to improve armament parts for your weapon but also how you can create remodeling parts. Completing Chimera extermination missions will reward players with items that can be used to develop parts.Through development your weapons will become even stronger.

Dark Rose Valkyrie
Development system


Using the right combination of armament parts will allow players to combine long and short range attacks and create a tactical advantage in battle. Switching out different remodeling parts can also prompt a variety of effects. Remodeling parts can increase attack power and utilize the traits of armament parts.

A special overdrive mode was already mentioned for the game, however, more context has now been supplied. Overdrive mode allows weapons to operate at their full power state but is draining to the wielder. This means it must be used sparingly.

dark rose valkyrie

Dark Rose Valkyrie will launch for PlayStation 4 spring 2017 in Japan.

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