Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Teaser Trailer Found In Man of Medan

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Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Teaser Trailer Found In Man of Medan

August 29, 2019

By: Andrew Stretch

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September 19, 2019 (Calendar)
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The first game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, is still a day away from release and it seems that the next title has already been revealed. The teaser trailer for Little Hope was found and posted online by Twitter user @Slashthrasher, they found the teaser on their completion of Man of Medan.

In the trailer, we see two characters, Angela and Andrew, on a road in a heavily wooded area peering in. As we're enchanted (scared) by a slow rendition of Scarborough Fair we get to see images of a person dancing around a fire, a menacing hand reaching out of the dark, and Angela getting chained up and dragged away by an unseen presence. The trailer closes with a sign welcoming players to Little Hope giving very Silent Hill vibes as the lights fade and flicker and a release window of 2020 is shown.

Little Hope will be game two of the planned six in Supermassive Games Dark Pictures Anthology. Much like Man of Medan and Until Dawn before it, each game will put players in the shoes of a number of characters whose decisions can lead to survival or death. I enjoyed playing Man of Medan complimenting it on its story and how decisions made feel important, even if there were technical hiccups throughout. The Curator, a character who is planned to be persistent throughout the Dark Pictures Anthology, teases at most endings seeing the players again at Little Rock.

While all we have to go on at the moment on this teaser trailer now that it is out it's expected that we'll get an official release from Supermassive Games before too long.




Quick Take

This just highlights even more in my review of Man of Medan the scope of the differences. During my playthroughs I got endings for everyone surviving, three people dying, and I thought I had everyone survive another way before they all perished in the final cutscene. For there to be a hidden teaser trailer somewhere in one of the game's endings as this seems to be the case I'm ready to head back in to find it.

What do you think of Supermassive Games releasing a teaser for their next game in Man of Medan? Are you more interested in the wooded location compared to the ghost ship?

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