Dark Literary RPG Sunless Sea Zubmariner Edition Sails To PS4 In 2018

Published: August 1, 2018 11:00 AM /


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Acclaimed roguelike exploration RPG Sunless Sea is coming to PS4 this year.

The game will be released for Sony's console in the form of the Zubmariner Edition, which will include the game's Zubmariner DLC. Old hands BlitWorks are handling the port (no pun intended). BlitWorks' past ports include Invisible IncDon't StarveBroken Age and Bastion, so it seems Failbetter Games is in good hands.

To commemorate Sunless Sea being announced for PS4, Failbetter Games uploaded a new trailer to its official YouTube account. You can check out the new trailer here:


The trailer shows off the dark Lovecraftian aesthetic of Sunless Sea, as well as some of its exploration and combat gameplay. Not much looks to have changed from the PC release, so if this is your first time sailing into Sunless Sea's cold waters, the PS4 port looks as good a port of call (sorry) as any to begin with.

Sunless Sea was originally released for PC back in February 2015, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game is a sequel of sorts to Failbetter's browser-based adventure game Fallen London and takes place in the same universe as the latter game. Players take the role of a custom steamship captain exploring the "Unterzee", a vast underground ocean in which London is now located.

Narrative Director Chris Gardiner shared a bit about Sunless Sea with this news coming out, to help introduce it to those who may not know the game:

Sunless Sea invites you to take the helm of a steam ship and explore a subterranean sea full of sinister, story-filled islands. If the pirates, sentient icebergs and swarms of bats don't get you, madness and cannibalism certainly will. Smuggle sunlight, barter your soul, become a spy. Seek immortality or provoke a revolution of tigers. Perhaps you'll even achieve your life's ambition, if you don't lose your mind and eat your crew first. Failbetter Games is known for the quality of its writing, and we're excited to bring it to a console audience.
Gameplay-wise, Sunless Sea combines roguelite RPG elements with visual novel-style narrative segments. During exploration, players will sail their steamship around the Unterzee, searching for islands, engaging in combat and slowly consuming supplies. When the player finds an island, they are presented with what Failbetter calls a "storylet quest", a written segment of narrative which fleshes out the game's world and describes the events players experience while on the island.

Sunless Skies, a sequel to Sunless Sea, is currently in production, having surpassed its Kickstarter funding goals. No word yet on whether that game will be available for PS4 in time as well, although its release from early access on PC has been delayed until 2019.

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