Danish Charity Trading Bloodborne for Blood

Published: March 18, 2015 2:47 PM /


bloodborne screenshot showing a man facing a huge beast with lots of fur and claws.

In Denmark next week, you can get more than a warm fuzzy feeling from donating blood. Danish charity GivBlod (awesome name, by the way) has partnered with PlayStation Denmark to give away free games to encourage donations.

Bloodborne for Blood? 

To combat a shortage of male donors in Denmark, GivBlod is launching a promotion wherein anyone who gives blood or registers to give blood on March 23rd will receive a free PlayStation game. Donors have a chance to win the upcoming PS4 exclusive BloodBorne or an older PlayStation game, determined randomly by GivBlod at the donation drive in Copenhagen.

As part of the promotion GivBlod has launched an Instagram campaign to raise awareness for blood donation, especially for males whose blood is in short supply. As part of the Instagram campaign, Danish blood-donating gamers also have the chance to win a Bloodborne PS4 bundle. From the GivBlod page, (translated from Danish);

Few people know that there is a shortage of male blood donors. The event at the ITU is part of the PlayStation Denmark and GivBlods common focus on the subject. We have therefore launched a campaign on Instagram, where users have to share a picture in which they interpret the message of giving blood and saving lives. Everyone who helps raise awareness of blood donation and hashtag their images with #GivblodforBloodborne and @GivBlod enter the competition for an exclusive Bloodborne PlayStation 4
artwork depicting a man standing facing away from the viewer while text in Danish mentioned free games for donating blood.

Bloodborne seems like an appropriate title to brand a blood donation drive with, let's just hope that male blood donors in Denmark aren't put off by all the vampirism and horrible blood transmitted plague that features heavily in the new game by From Software. I do expect however that the people taking the blood in Copenhagen next week are trained professionals however and not Dracula.

Would you give blood for a free copy of Bloodborne? What free game would make you give blood? Do you fear this is an elaborate plan to infect the Danish people with plague as a viral marketing campaign for Bloodborne? Let me know in the comments!

[Updated: After running it by TechRaptor's resident Danish speaker, Marc Henriksen, the translation has been adjusted for clarification.]



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