Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion, Rune Factory 6, New IPs, & More Announced by Marvelous

Published: May 25, 2023 6:35 PM /


Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion

Today Marvelous Entertainment hosted its Game Showcase 2023, providing plenty of news about the upcoming lineup of titles from the Japanese developer. 

The showcase, which was announced a few days ago alongside the developer's financials, lasted about 30 minutes and we start with Loop8, specifically with a trailer showcasing the opening cutscene of this new coming-of-age JRPG coming for  PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 6.


Next is the upcoming game Fashion Dreamer for Nintendo Switch, which was recently introduced during a Nintendo Direct. The game lets you play as a fashion influencer, designing your outfits and liking other people's outfits to get them for yourself. We get to see extensive customization options, so those who like creative games will likely enjoy this. The game doesn't have a release date besides "2023."

Project MAGIA has been announced, a  new IP featuring character design by Hiro Mashima of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero fame. The game was defined as a "new frontier" for Marvelous, but no further information was revealed, including platforms and release windows. It's "diligently under development."

Project MAGIA


Project LIFE is RPG is another new IP defined as a game that Marvelous has never made before but still holds onto that special Marvelous flair. We get to see colorful concept art showing fantastic environments that pay homage to the classics of the genre. The game involves "sailing on the open seas" with a ship and is also "diligently under development" with no release dates or platforms announced.

Moving on to the inevitable Story of Seasons series, we hear from the series' manager Hikaru Nakano, who showcased a video of the next game of the series, which still does not have a title. Again, no release window or platforms were shared, but we learn that a lot of attention is being dedicated to the looks of the player's farm and of the surroundings. 

A second Story of Season game is one you "can play with everyone" indicating that it'll support multiplayer. We get to see a few pieces of concept art, but we'll have to wait for more information on these games "diligently under development".


Rune Factory: Project Dragon & Rune Factory 6

We then move on to the Rune Factory series. We get the announcement of two games themed after "East and West." Marvelous revealed a video of the first game code-named Rune Factory: Project Dragon that definitely focuses on Asian-like aesthetics, matching the "East" theme. It focuses on the Eastern country of the world of the series from which characters appeared in previous games hailed. It comes with "much cooler" graphics compared to the cutesy style we're used to and dragons will also be important to the story. 


We then get the announcement of Rune Factory 6, set in the western continent of Adonea. Again, no platforms or release windows were provided for either game. I'm tired of writing "diligently under development" so I won't. Oh, wait... I just did. 

Lastly, Marvelous revealed the "one more thing" surprise by the publisher's own FIRST Studio and producer Kenichiro Tsukuda. Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion is finally announced following up on the 2019 mecha game Daemon X Machina. We get a brief teaser trailer, but no gameplay, platforms, or release windows. 

if you were hoping for Senran Kagura, unfortunately, it wasn't to be. You can watch the whole showcase below. And the specific segments at the following timestamps:



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