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At D23, a new pseudo-virtual reality toy that "puts you at the center of your favorite story."

A video showing different children using the Playmation in their rooms was shown. Players explore the area around them, acting out missions as their movement is tracked, creating an invisible virtual world to play in. From the video, the Playmation gear is different devices worn like gloves that correspond to a different Avenger. The presented gear was the Pulsar gear, which lets the wearer play as Iron Man as use the pulsar blasts his suit shoots from its palms and the Gamma, which lets the wearer play as the Hulk. These devices connect to screens and speakers where mission details and other information is given through display and narration from characters like Captain America and JARVIS. A small roaming robots with a camera is meant to take the place of various heroes and enemies, sort of a roaming AI

Playmation is single or multplayer  Completing missions grants players experience which feeds into level-ups. While it wasn't apparent what leveling-up would yield, players can use the Avenegers Net App to track their progress and get gear updates and new mission briefings.

While no price or release date was announced, Playmation is set to be released in starter packs similar to Disney infinity. Each pack seems to come with 25 different missions, a piece of Playmation gear, a figurine and a few other goodies. Gamma Gear, the announced pack for the Incredible Hulk, includes hulk hands gear for play and a Loki figurine.

Quick Take

Playmation looks to be Disney's answer to virtual reality play, going a different route than what we've seen motion-control focused devices like the Kinect and ignoring VR Headsets. While this likely won't be the next gaming trend, I could definitely see me as a child getting hyped to smash around my room as the Incredible Hulk.

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