The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Update Adds New Map and Skins

Published: September 28, 2022 9:30 AM /


The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Update shows off the player with a gun and an explosion off in the distance.

The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 update is as big as you would hope and expect, with a new map, a Fortuna Pass, balancing changes, a rework to Marauders, and new skins all being added to the game. Let's not waste any time and jump right in, shall we?

What is in The Cycle: Frontier patch notes?

First off on the checklist is the seasonal wipe, which means that players will be starting off The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 without unlocked or purchased weapon vanity, unspent aurum will be wiped, and unclaimed aurum or Twitch Drops will be automatically claimed. Don't worry, you'll keep all Aurum and cosmetic elements you've unlocked so far, it's just the things you haven't claimed yet. 

Things that will be destroyed include the items and gear in the inventory and stash, any unspent or unused kmarks and insurance tokens, faction progression and levels, and unclaimed packages from the private quarter generators. This is a lot to keep track of, so be sure to look over the handy image below that sorts everything out for you:

The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 screenshot shows what you'll be losing and keeping this season.
With a new season comes new things to regain and keep track of.

The latest map added to the game is Tharsis Island, which is a remote location where "danger lurks around every corner". You'll bump into creatures and other things in the dark, and insurance will not be paid out if you're unlucky enough to fall into the void. An intriguing area called The Forge can also be found on the Island. It's a mysterious alien structure that lies dormant but can apparently become active under the "right circumstances". You'll have to find out what those circumstances are.

The new Fortuna Pass has a paid version that includes XP boosters, prospector skins, melee weapons, emotes, banners, charms, and more. The new prospectors available in The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 are The Cultist and The Explorer, and the item distribution in the pass should make it more rewarding for players. Bonus XP has been cut down a bit as well in the premium track for premium prospectors, as progression was apparently too fast.

Last but not least, Marauders have received some notable changes. The weak spot damage multiplier has been increased from 5 to 10, and the first Stagger threshold went from 10% damage within 1 second to 30% damage within 1.5 seconds. The second Stagger threshold went from 20% damage in 1 second to 50% damage in 1.5 seconds, which means they pack quite the punch now. There's even a new swipe added to the Marauder that won't expose its weak point, so be cautious if you choose to engage one. This one's really come on in leaps and bounds since the days of its closed beta tests, eh?

The Cycle: Frontier patch notes are quite extensive, so be sure to give those a read if you want to see everything. For everything else, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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