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Cyberpunk Megamod Seeks to Fix the Game's Flaws

Published: August 19, 2021 9:39 AM



Cyberpunk 2077 is about nine months old at this point and despite CD Projekt Red's efforts, still has quite a few issues. One modder on Reddit is making a Cyberpunk Megamod that's looking to fix much of the game through balancing and bug fixes.

Anyone following Cyberpunk 2077 knows that it had a pretty rough launch riddled with bugs such as crashes, epilepsy triggers, and teleporting law enforcement. Other than a few major patches and discussions on the fate of planned content, CD Projekt Red has been fairly quiet about their game and its future. A Reddit user by the name of Scissors123454321 has responed to that silence with a Cyberpunk Megamod that they describe as "~50% bug fixes, 35% balancing, and 15% drugs." Boasting about 6,500 words worth of patch notes, Scissors told us that the Megamod focuses on parts of the game that aren't "necessisarily broken, but just really unbalanced." A main example they cite is how taking a build focused on the Body stat gives players tons of HP, and the difference between a Body build and one that focuses on another stat is "just too big to balance a game around."


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You might recall the news about the 1.3 patch for Cyberpunk 2077, which broke just a few days before the Cyberpunk Megamod was scheduled to launch this Friday. However, Scissors tells us that it should work fine with the new patch and that saying "Forget 1.3" in the Reddit post's title was more clickbait than an actual alternative to 1.3. The only things that have to be fixed are a few things to check with the game's vendors and an icon fix. As for future projects, Scissors is considering an enhanced difficulty mode focused entirely on mechanics, such as decreasing the distance you can see through walls, giving enemies more cyberwear, and nerfing some of V's more powerful cyberwear.


The Cyberpunk Megamod releases tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern.

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