Cyberpunk 2077 Achievements Leak To CD Projekt Red's Exasperation

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Cyberpunk 2077 achievements leak has appeared online, disappointing CDPR's Global Community Lead who had hoped that they would have remained private prior to release.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming cyberpunk RPG from CD Projekt Red, the same people who brought you The Witcher franchise of game. The game has suffered multiple delays throughout 2020, but it looks like it's finally going to arrive this December. Unfortunately, it looks like a Cyberpunk 2077 achievements leak may have revealed some details a bit early, although most of the big plot points were protected.

"Fortunately, hidden achievements remained hidden so there shouldn't be any heavy story spoilers out there," read a tweet from CD Projekt Red's Global Community Lead Marcin Momot. "Still, there are some that we'd been hoping would remain private until the release."

As he stated, more than a dozen achievements are listed as "Secret Achievement" with no actual details revealed, protecting much of the game's plot and its possible outcomes. Dozens more were nonetheless revealed in the Cyberpunk 2077 achievements leak — be warned, you should stop reading here if you want to avoid spoilers!

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What's Revealed in the Cyberpunk 2077 Achievements Leak?

A portion of the Cyberpunk 2077 achievement leak reveals things that are fairly normal for a game like this: kill X enemies doing Y, complete all of X activity in this location, and so on. Some lesser-known things are highlighted, along with the apparent reveal that the player can collect Johnny Silverhand's items in the game.

Here is the full Cyberpunk 2077 achievements leak, transcribed from the images posted to Reddit:

  • City Lights – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in City Center.
  • Full Body Conversion – Install at least one implant in each system and body part.
  • Right Back At Ya – Kill or incapacitate an enemy who threw a grenade at you.
  • The Wandering Fool – Find all tarot graffiti.
  • Autojock – Buy all vehicles available for purchase.
  • Frequent Flyer – Find all fast travel dataterms.
  • Gun Fu – Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies in quick succession with a revolver or pistol in close combat.
  • Gunslinger – Shoot an enemy grenade in midair with a revolver.
  • Master Crafted – Craft 3 Legendary items.
  • I Am The Law – Complete all Cyberpsycho Sightings.
  • Mean Streets – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Heywood.
  • Little Tokyo – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Westbrook.
  • Christmas Tree Attack – Complete a Breach Protocol with a minimum of 3 daemons uploaded.
  • The Quick and the Dead – Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies while time is slowed.
  • Must Be Rats – Perform the Distract Enemies quickhack 30 times without drawing attention to yourself.
  • Breathtaking – Collect all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand.
  • The Wasteland – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in the Badlands.
  • Daemon in the Shell – Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies with one "Detonate Grenade" quickhack.
  • Stanislavski's Method – Use a dialogue option related to V's life path 10 times.
  • Ten out of Ten – Reach the max level in any skill.
  • Rough Landing – While Berserk cyberware is active, perform a Superhero Landing to kill or incapacitate 2 enemies.
  • The World – Complete the main storyline.
  • Greetings from Pacifica! – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Pacifica.
  • The Jungle – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner HUstles in Santo Domingo.
  • True Soldier – Kill or incapacitate 300 enemies using ranged weapons.
  • True Warrior – Kill or incapacitate 300 enemies using melee weapons.
  • Two Heads, One BUllet – Kill or incapacitate 2 enemies with the same sniper rifle shot.
  • V for Vendetta – After reviving yourself with Second Heart, kill or incapacitate the enemy who killed you.
  • It's Elementary – Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.
  • Legend of The Afterlife – Reach max Street Cred.
  • Secret achievement – Continue playing to unlock this achievement.
    • All of the remaining achievements on the list are "Secret achievements."

Roughly a quarter of the achievements, however, are hidden as "Secret achievements" just as was highlighted by CDPR's Global Community Lead. You can experience this futuristic cyberpunk world for yourself when Cyberpunk 2077 launches on December 10, 2020, by pre-ordering the game via its official website.

What do you think of the Cyberpunk 2077 achievements leak? What are your thoughts on hidden/secret achievements in general? Let us know in the comments below!

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