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CyberConnect2 Announces Three New Projects, 'Venom' Now On Hold

Gaming article by Kyle Johnson on January 30, 2018 at 5:02 PM

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly brings an interview with developer CyberConnect2, who revealed three new game projects. The interview with CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama, as reported by Playstation Lifestyle, covered upcoming projects as well as questions regarding "Project Venom." Snippets of the interview appeared on both Ryokutya2089's blog, as well as Hokanko's. As Weekly Famitsu does not release for a couple of days, we may well learn more information about these new projects soon. Regardless, here's what we know now about the upcoming games.

cyberconnect2 little tail bronx


All three projects are envisioned as a "revenge trilogy," and each game will approach those themes differently. The first project is titled Fugue of the Battlefield, set in the "Little Tail Bronx" series, which includes Cyberconnect2's first game, Tail ConcertoFugue of the Battlefield will be a strategy RPG, but also include roguelike elements and shooting sections. Fugue of the Battlefield follows the story of 11 children whose parents have been captured by an opposing empire. The children throw themselves into the war, getting involved in violent battles and piloting a massive tank. Fugue of the Battlefield is in the preproduction stage of development, with Matsuyama working on the design document.

The second project is titled Tokyo Ogre Gate. Tokyo Ogre Gate follows the story of Jurinko Michinoku, a girl with a mechanical heart. She lives in an alternate-world Tokyo inhabited by spirits and magic. Set after World War I, Jurinko must fight against the demons in a high-speed side-scrolling action game. The faster Jurinko goes, the more damage she does. Tokyo Ogre Gate will also have backwards and forwards scrolling too. CyberConnect2 is currently working on level and setting design for Tokyo Ogre Gate.


The last project announced is a 2.5D action game called CECILE. In CECILE four sisters have undergone rituals to become witches. Cecile, Cara, Leatheria, and Alistell have all lost things precious to them, and must now fight one another to steal each other's hearts. As Cecile, you have lost the use of your voice, and now fight using a pole sword and an umbrella. Currently, CyberConnect2 is working on storyboarding and character animations.

As you may recall, CyberConnect2 has mostly been working on licensed games for the Naruto Shippuden series, and the .hack games. After the release of the .hack//G.U. Last Recode collection in November, CyberConnect2 began looking to the future. Even though they are still contracted to work on licensed games, CyberConnect2 plans on increasing total staff from 200 to 300 in order to continue production. With offices in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Montreal, CyberConnect2 is aiming to develop smaller titles that "only they can produce."


Much like Nippon Ichi, CyberConnect2 also announced an internal development effort to get new and original game ideas made. Titled "C5," or "Cyber Connect Creative Challenge Competition,"  the entire CC2 staff was invited to submit game ideas. After the top 10 ideas were filtered out, the three best ideas were made into the three announcements brought above.

With this flurry of announcements does come some bad news, however. Announced in April 2016, Project Venom was apparently supposed to be a MOBA, and slated for release sometime this year. However, with development ramping up on other projects, Matsuyama realized that his studio could no longer devote enough time or employees to Project Venom. Clearly inspired by Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindProject Venom's development may be restarted in the future. You can view key art, as supplied by Famitsu, below.

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With any luck, we'll hear more from CyberConnect2 in the coming months, either regarding more licensed games, or any of the new projects they revealed in Famitsu.

What do you think of CyberConnect2's shift towards more original projects? Anything you're looking forward to? What do you think of their licensed games? Let us know in the comments below!

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