Cyber Horde Co-Op Mode Comes to Warface

Published: October 29, 2015 12:35 PM /


Warface Halloween

Crytek's free to play online shooter (and winner of the silliest name for a shooter award) Warface is getting a new co-op game mode with the Halloween patch released today. The new mode, titled the 'Cyber Horde Special Operation', will have players fight hordes of enemies in an abandoned military facility in a bleak forest in the dead of night, where players have to work together to escort a warface truck to a mysterious laboratory that's spawning waves upon waves of cybernetic monstrosities. 

The warface truck will periodically stop at checkpoints, leaving you and your team exposed to the monstrous hordes. Survive long enough, and the warface truck will send out a powerful energy blast that kills all the remaining enemies and allows you and your team to move towards the next checkpoint. Once you've reached the laboratory, your ultimate goal is to set explosives and blow up the facility, cutting off the enemy reinforcements and winning the round.

In keeping with the spirit of the Halloween holiday, the update will also feature a host of new, Halloween-themed, weapon skins, weapons and items that will only be available for a short time. The game's UI has also been tweaked a little bit. The Team Death Match Cemetery map is also back for the event!

Warface recently celebrated its 2-year anniversary and has seen an enormous amount of developer support since its launch. Players routinely get treated to new maps, more than 100 new weapons, special operations and a monthly clan challenge where the clans get invited to compete prizes. 

Quick Take

This game has seen a lot of support by Crytek and this Halloween update is no exception. The new mode is looking very promising and, dare I say it, fun! Guess I'll just have to schedule in some Warface time sometime soon. 


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