Curse Of The Dead Gods Gets Dead Cells Crossover Content

Published: April 7, 2021 9:18 AM /


A banner image for the new Curse of the Dead Gods update

If you're a fan of indie roguelites, your dream crossover has come. A new Curse of the Dead Gods update is adding a bunch of content inspired by roguelite platformer Dead Cells, including a new curse, new equipment, and more.

What's coming in the Curse of the Dead Gods and Dead Cells crossover?

As you might expect, the devs are calling this update "Curse of the Dead Cells". It brings a new curse, three new types of weapon, and a new Challenge Room type, all of which are based on content from Dead Cells. You can also expect new visual twists and extras based on Dead Cells, including a reference to the sludge-infested protagonist of that game. It's worth noting that there isn't any new Dead Cells content themed around Curse of the Dead Gods, so this update is only for the latter game.

Three of the new weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods' new Dead Cells update
You can look forward to new iconic weapons from Dead Cells in the latest Curse of the Dead Gods update.

The new curse is called "Curse of the Headless", and it allows you to move faster while taking extra damage from all sources. You can also expect three new weapons: the Crossbow of the Condemned, the Sword of Conjunctivius, and the Broadsword of the Knight, each of which brings a different style with it. Finally, there's a new Challenge Room that tasks you with winning a challenge revolving around the Cursed Chest from Dead Cells. You'll get rare weapons if you manage to best the challenge.

Is it just Dead Cells content in the new Curse of the Dead Gods update?

Far from it. You can expect lots of new stuff unrelated to Dead Cells in the latest Curse of the Dead Gods update. A new two-handed weapon style will be added in the update, as well as a brand new and totally original curse. You'll have to wait and see what the devs reveal about these new additions, as they've promised more information will be unveiled "soon". Watch this space.

The new "Curse of the Dead Cells" Curse of the Dead Gods update launches on April 14th across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The update won't cost you anything, either, so if you've already got the game, you'll get all this new content free of charge.

Are you excited about the Curse of the Dead Gods and Dead Cells crossover? Let us know in the comments below!


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