Cultist Simulator Developer Announces New Standalone Book of Hours

Published: May 30, 2019 12:00 PM /


Cultist Simulator Developer Announces New Standalone Book of Hours

Last January, Alexis Kennedy, the lead developer of Cultist Simulator (Our Review) suggested a possible "Cultist Simulator expandalone" on Twitter. Later he said he would develop (or try to convince his partner Lottie Bevan to let them develop) the game if he could reach 1000 retweets, and he did. Now Weather Factory is proud to announce Book of Hours, a librarian simulation game set in the Cultist Simulator universe, which is sure to have Alexis Kennedy's signature design style, though he promises the game will be "extremely relaxed" by comparison with the brutally challenging original title.

Book of Hours will be an "elegant, melancholy, combat-free RPG set in an occult library." The studio promised a Kickstarter campaign later this year, and you'll be able to wishlist the game on Steam by May 30 if you want to keep up with development. For now, they are releasing a Birthday Trailer for Cultist Simulator, which ends with the reveal of Book of Hours, showing a monocled librarian signaling silence with an index finger over her lips as occult symbols float around in the library backdrop.

We'll have to wait for more information about the game and a glimpse of gameplay, but until then, fans of Cultist Simulator will be happy to know that in celebration of the game's first birthday will you get two new DLC packs, along with an Anthology Edition for new players. The release date for all this content is scheduled for May 30 1PM EST. The new DLC packs are The Priest and The Ghoul, which, similar to previous DLC The Dancer, adds a new path to follow, one new Legacy, two new Ascensions, and some occult extras.

Cultist Simulator: Anthology Edition will include the full original title plus all new content added after the game's original release, with an overhauled UX/UI and a New Game+ mode. It also includes all DLC, including the new ones, and the full soundtrack to the game. The Anthology Edition will be available from Steam, Humble, and GOG on May 30 at 15% off, which will cost $33.11 or £25.90.

Are you looking forward to Book of Hours? What kind of simulation gameplay are you expecting? Let us know in the comments below!