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Published: June 5, 2019 9:30 AM /


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PQube and developer Kemco announced that psychological horror visual novel Raging Loop is coming to PS4 and Switch later this year. The releases are set to come physically and digitally for both Europe and North America. Curiously, Raging Loop isn't set to come to Steam at this time, even though the Japanese original released on Steam almost two years ago. Many of Kemco's existing RPGs are already localized, but Raging Loop is the first visual novel of theirs to make the journey westward. Raging Loop is set to launch on consoles later this year.

Set in a fictional Japanese village, grad student Haruaki Fusaishi finds himself on a road trip after breaking up with his girlfriend. Forced to stay the night after his motorcycle requires repairs, Fusaishi finds himself unable to leave after strange red mist rolls in. Upon clearing, Fusaishi and the villagers find two corpses, the result of the village's legend. Now, he must work with the locals to uncover the identity of the killers, as the town engages in a deranged version of Mafia, as they hang villagers one after another in order to discover their secret identities. Garnering high praise from players and reviewers alike upon release, Raging Loop is a psychological horror game with a strong reputation.

Kemco primarily develops games for phones, and Raging Loop is no exception. Releasing on iOS and Android in late 2015, it took over a year for the visual novel to appear on the PS4 and the PS Vita, coming to Switch and Windows roughly six months later. From the looks of many of their RPGs on Steam, Kemco develops many games using the RPG Maker game development suite. Despite the all-ages appeal of many of its mobile games, Kemco's visual novels are geared towards older audiences, that is, teenagers and young adults. With no sexual content to speak of, if you can handle a little murder and psychological horror, then look forward to Raging Loop's English console release later this year.

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