CS:GO Map Emulates Oregon Standoff

Published: January 30, 2016 6:25 PM /


Oregon Standoff

Following a tradition of emulating real-life locales and current events in a more bullet-centric format, Counter Strike: Global Offensive mapper Nipper has recreated the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, scene of the recent controversial armed militia occupation, as cs_wildrefuge.


The occupation, enacted by anti-government forces opposed to the federal ownership of lands which they believe should be returned to "the people", have hoped for nearly a month to spark a national revolt against the U.S. Federal Government by an assumed legion of similarly-minded agitated ranchers with shotguns. Thus far, they have mostly been ignored and successfully vandalized a bird nesting ground. One militant was recently killed in a confrontation with police when he allegedly drew his firearm during a traffic stop away from the compound with several other occupiers who are now in custody. Now, de facto leader Ammon Bundy, of the Bundy family who made news last year for a refusal to pay charges related to grazing cattle on federal lands, is calling for remaining militants to stand down. Despite their erstwhile general's plea for moderation, the current word from the approximately five men remaining on the refuge is split. Some have commented that they intend to stay there forever or die trying, others have told reporters that they want to go home, but refuse to turn themselves over to police and face charges for the misconduct.

So, in light of all this, it seems like a perfect situation to lampoon with a Ts vs. CTs standoff. The Steam workshop page gives this description of the events depicted:

"A group of heavily armed patriots known only as 'Vanilla Isis' have decided to launch a rebellion against their tyrannical government! Using their brilliant tactical mind they chose their first target: a mostly unoccupied bird sanctuary and wildlife refuge. After about 2 days of holding this territory from the feds they have unfortunately run out of vital supplies like slim jims, energy drinks and beer. In an act of desperation for more supplies they have taken a couple of orange jumpsuit wearing bird watchers hostage. Now with human lives at stake the feds have been forced to respond."

Utilising one of the many satirical nicknames granted to the group by other online comedians, among Y'allQuaeda, Yokel Haram, the Yee Hawd, and others, the map is meant to poke fun at the events in Oregon. Still, liberties are taken, since the events have been more of a cold war than anything else and no hostages were ever taken by the group. Until the death at the traffic stop, no shots were fired at all. Since the excitement seems to be dying down with most militants in custody, and with any luck the remainder likely to surrender peacefully before long, we can take the map as a reminder of what could have happened if violence had prevailed over cooler heads.

What are your thoughts on maps emulating real life events like this? Do you think it's fair or insensitive? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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