CS:GO Game-breaking Exploit Lets Players Change The Shape of Smoke Grenades

Published: May 20, 2019 7:00 PM /


CS:GO Game-breaking Exploit Lets Players Change The Shape of Smoke Grenades

Multiplayer games are usually a hotbed of exploits that players quickly manage to find and usually end up making the game hell for other players. These exploits are generally patched out within the early versions of the game. That is not the case with this game-breaking CS:GO exploit reported by Dot Esports, where players can change the shape of smoke grenade clouds, and you can keep changing the shape until you get a one-way smokescreen that can be used to attack other players while unseen.

Counter-Strike personality DonHaci posted a demonstration of the exploit on Twitter, showing a basic command allows you to reset the shape of smoke grenade clouds, and it even works without the cheat command "sv_cheats 0," while also available to use on Valve's own servers.


As we see, after binding the cheat command to a key, users have to throw the grenade and press the bound key to repeatedly change the shape of the smoke cloud until you get the desired effect. A similar command also allows players to change the shape of an incendiary grenade, and maybe even make it disappear for a moment. This is less of an issue than the smoke exploit, however.


A one-way smokescreen sometimes can happen naturally in CS:GO, but this is a matter of pure chance. There are also other ways to recreate a one-way smokescreen, but with this exploit it becomes much easier. It's only a matter of players hiding behind a one-way smokescreen and ambushing players while hidden, negating the chance factor of smokescreens. Valve has yet to respond and patch out the exploit, though the CS:GO community is up in arms about it.

Earlier this month we also reported on Valve's new Danger Zone map Sirocco, and some new additions that took ideas from Apex Legends.

Have you tried this exploit in CS:GO yet? Is it an easy way to beat your opponents? Are other players abusing it? Let us know in the comments below!

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