Crystal Dynamics Issues DMCA Notices After Tomb Raider Script Leaks Surface

After parts of the newest Tomb Raider script were leaked by Sacred Symbols, Crystal Dynamics slammed the gavel down and issued DMCA notices to have the content removed immediately from Patreon.

Published: August 3, 2022 3:23 PM /


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The Podcast Series, Sacred Symbols, has been hit hard by Crystal Dynamics after posting Tomb Raider script leaks onto their Patreon. Crystal Dynamics has not only gone after the podcast with DMCA notices, but Patreon as well, basically confirming that all of the information leaked is true.

Tomb Raider Screenshot of gameplay, characters inside a decrepit tomb talking to one another, Tomb Raider Script Leaks

The Tomb Raider Script Leaks Seem Verified

This past weekend, Sacred Symbols got their hands on what they believe are portions of the newest Tomb Raider game script. In particular, they think it is the Lara Croft audition part, which involves her leading Tomb Raiders in the game. Though as of right now, these leaks have neither been confirmed nor denied by the developers at Crystal Dynamics.

Crystal Dynamics has officially issued DMCA notices against both Patreon itself and the owners of the Sacred Symbols podcast. Of course, the leaks were taken down almost immediately, but plenty of people got to lay eyes and ears on the content prior to it being deleted. Sacred Symbols released a video giving their side of the story, where they state, 

"I don't want to be a free-speech martyr with Square Enix and try to fight this out or something. Its like okay fine. Especially because we don't have to make the edits anywhere else."

The podcast owners go on to state that they understand the developer's reactions entirely, and that if Crystal Dynamics believes that this DMCA is valid, they have no issues complying whatsoever. They do realize that the devs are only doing what they believe is best to protect their content.

They also ask why the developers at Crystal Dynamics did not DMCA any other people or sites other than themselves and Patreon. Though, they then go on to state that the copyright owners have the ability to pick and choose who they go after. To them, this seemed transformative, as they believe they were targeted due to them having a negative reaction to the script, though none of this has been verified whatsoever, it is simply their opinion on the matter. 

While this is not the first time a developer has given DCMA notices to leakers of content, such as Konami did when Silent Hill content had been leaked, the devs at Crystal Dynamics struck extremely quickly on the Podcast owners, where they had issued this notice the same day the video was released on Patreon. The leaked content will also remain on other platforms that Sacred Symbols has released it on until the developers decide to send DMCA notices for those sites as well, which again is odd to the podcast owners that they did not do so in the first place. 

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