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Published: April 21, 2015 4:08 PM /


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Match 3, mobile RPG Crusaders Quest has a new update called Fortress of Souls.  The update was released on April 16, 2015 and brings new story content, quests and weapons.  Crusaders Quest fans should prepare to quest for the Legendary Weapons and battle the dark Lord Soltar.

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Fortress of Souls update for Crusaders Quest takes place in an all new dungeon and tasks players with restoring the Soulbound weapons found in the depths of the fortress.  Crusaders will also face the evil Lord Soltar in the fortress and it will take your strongest warriors to make it through.  Only one player can venture through the sinister halls at a time so you'll need a well rounded team to emerge victorious.

For this epic fight it's recommended that players update their characters before attempting.  Also the final boss fight can be brutal so saving your 6 star Crusaders for the end is advised.  If you and your team of crusaders have what it takes in the Fortress of Souls then you'll have the chance to be nicely rewarded.

Crusaders Quest Fortress of Souls

Crusaders Quest update Fortress of Souls adds a new epic chapter to the game in which the evil Lord Soltar has stolen away the Legendary Soulbound weapons and its up to you to restore them to their rightful heroes.  Players can receive new quests from Legendary Heroes Sigruna, d'Artagnan and Maria.  Players can also purchase the new Premium Weapon Box outright from the store and receive 4-6 star weapons to use against the World Bosses.

The robotic enemies of the Frozen Tundra along with the evil AI villain Nemesis proved a big challenge for Crusaders in the latest chapter of Crusaders Quest.  Fortress of Souls will bring that chapter to a close, enabling players to defeat the machines of the Frozen Tundra with the power of the Soulbound weapons.  Power up your team of Crusaders and take down the evil robots to help save the Goddesses.

Crusaders Quest Soulbound weapons

For more information on the changes Fortress of Souls has brought to Crusaders Quest check the wiki .  For more news about the game visit the Crusaders Quest  Facebook page.



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