CrossfireX Campaign Will Be a 'Premium Battle Pass'

Published: July 23, 2020 1:41 PM /


CrossfireX campaign premium battle pass cover

We've got our first bits of news about the CrossfireX campaign and it's not exactly what some of us might have expected — players will gain access to this single-player experience through a "premium battle pass."

Before we get into it, have a gander at the CrossfireX campaign reveal trailer if you've missed it during today's Xbox Games Showcase presentation:

CrossfireX is an upcoming free-to-play shooter where two factions of mercenaries face off in intense gunfights with the latest tactical gear. The Global Risk and Black List mercenaries have it out for one another — you must choose a side!

Players can engage in thrilling multiplayer content for Xbox One and Xbox Series X; the devs say that they're going to feature a mix of traditional shooter game modes along with some new innovations on their part. Fans of single-player, however, aren't going to be left out.

CrossfireX will deliver its campaign to players through a premium battle pass. We don't yet know exactly how this "premium battle pass" will work for the campaign. Players will likely have to purchase it to unlock the campaign content, but the "battle pass" portion of the campaign isn't exactly clear. Presumably, this means that you'll be able to unlock content for the multiplayer portion of the game by playing through the campaign.

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When is the CrossfireX Campaign Release Date?

The campaign for Crossfire X is looking pretty cool — when will you be able to play it?

The CrossfireX release date is set for sometime later in 2020; no specific date has been announced just yet. Similarly, we can't say for certain if the campaign will be arriving on launch or if it will make its debut after the multiplayer portion of the game.

For now, we've seen the first hints of what we can expect in the CrossfireX campaign. You can look forward to this game (and hopefully its campaign) making its debut sometime later in 2020 for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Are you looking forward to the CrossfireX campaign or would you prefer to stick to multiplayer? What do you think you'll get in the battle pass? Let us know in the comments below!


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