Crimefest Day 4 Comes with Overkill Producer Response

Published: October 18, 2015 7:35 PM /


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As made obvious by the past two articles covering the subject the past two days - one news piece and one opinion piece - there's quite some news to be had from recent events related to Payday 2. Together with the Day 4 update of Crimefest also comes a statement from Overkill's Producer, Almir Listo, regarding the microtransactions (weapon skins with stat bonuses) Overkill has implemented in Payday 2, and the outrage from the fanbase surrounding it.

In a news update on Steam, he describes that "[They] have read a lot of your feedback. We're aware that there are those of you who are unhappy or concerned about the Black Market update. Once Crimefest and all its content is out we’ll discuss this with you along with the other new features that were added. While we usually get back to you straight away when you have feedback, right now we’re busy as hell making sure we finish all the content we prepared on time."

Meanwhile, the Payday 2 Reddit seems to still be very much lit alight. Amongst the snide remarks and jokes are also numerous calls to action. The belief there seems to be, regarding this statement, that Overkill wants to wait out the storm with Crimefest as the excuse. This may possibly be in the hope of the anger dying out in the process. This does not seem to sit well with a portion of the fanbase.

As every 'day' of Crimefest is a 'free' reward for the players, day 2 was already shown to be a set of 5 free masks for the community. Day 3 has been revealed to be a new Heist and Day 4 now showing to be an update for the Teammate AI and lobby filter.

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 2 rewards new masks

The Day 3 new Heist reward is called After Shock. Southern California is suffering an Earthquake and the Payday crew is headed right into it. "Buildings have tumbled. The freeway lies broken, and the streets are awash with fire and fear." The Team is to make use of the Emergency Services being spread thin to make a big buck in between the mess of Looters and Chaos. An editorial article may soon follow on my personal findings with the Heist.

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 3 rewards new heist

With Day 4 of Crimefest comes a well needed update for both your AI Teammates and the lobby system. When all human players have been captured, the Teammate AI will now be capable of freeing you or another human teammate using one of the NPCs you or your friends have taken hostage, much like human players could in before. This seems like a valuable update especially for solo players.

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 4 rewards teammate AI update

The lobby update brings what should be a fix for one of the many gripes in being a player partaking in public lobbies: Being kicked out by the host because you brought the wrong gear. When picking a Heist, you will now have the option to choose whether your intent is to go Loud or Stealth. Reversely, people looking for lobbies can now filter on the basis of that. While seemingly it hasn't fixed the buggy lobby system itself, it's at least a relief to know that there's a proper chance now to not get randomly kicked.

Payday 2 Crimefest Day 4 rewards Lobby update

Quick Take

My own feelings are mixed on the matter. Technically it is a statement I desired, but the answer does not feel satisfactory. A concern has gone around that weapon skins are what have turned a part of the growing CS:GO community drastically more toxic, together with trade scam and gambling angles. Some worry that the introduction of Microtransactions may introduce these issues to the Payday 2 community, a concern I share. It matters little how much ill one can speak of the current Payday 2 community, it's always possible for things to get worse. What I do know is that I will remain to keep a close eye on this debacle.

I turn again to you readers for wisdom. What do you think Overkill's angle is? Do you believe the concern for the impact upon the Payday 2 community is justified?

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