Crimefest 2015 ends not with a bang, but with a Troll

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Crimefest 2015 Day 10 featured image

It's been quite the week, hasn't it? 10 days ago, Crimefest's day 1 began with a reward that shook the fanbase from the very core. The outcry that followed would haunt the rest of the event for days, with three new Heists not being enough to offset the anger that was created with the introduction of safes into the community.

It started with Microtransactions being added and a good chunk of fans were livid about it. You could earn safes during a Loot Drop post-Heist, effectively replacing what could have been a normal reward. But on top of that, you were required to cough up cash for a drill that could open these. Inside would be one random skin from a certain selection. Additionally, some of these skins came with a stat boost, which only fanned the flames of anger as some players called it "Pay 2 Win".

Crimefest 2015 Microtransactions safe possible rewards

The reward days that followed were not enough for everyone to simmer down, as the three days that followed brought hats, the first of three new Heists, and a much-needed (but not sufficient) update to the Teammate AI. As the days moved on and there was no word from Overkill regarding the outrage (beyond saying it'd come at a later time), Day 6 came with a new Heist and Lootable Drills. The rest of the days came with another Heist, another redo of a classic, and other things I will probably cover in an another article later. And on the last day, Overkill went the route of trollface and meme territory....literally.

Crimefest 2015 day 10 masks reward

You read that right. Day 10 of Crimefest 2015, the day everyone regarded as the 'big payoff', is a set of three masks showing Ragefaces and an overdone meme. That aside, the day also holds an update for the jump animation that looks like little work has gone into it, and another condition-specific reward safe that'll be available for 30 days for people to earn. The reaction by the Payday 2 community has been critical of the entire Crimefest to say the least.

Crimefest 2015 day 10 achievement safe reward

Truth is, the image below could be taken as a fair warning. During the Crimefest grind itself, before the rewards, every completed condition yielded a cryptic reward. Including four stone slabs that had the exact same four memes that are shown above. Fair warning is a fair warning, except it has people asking the question of why to make this the the final reward? Keeping in mind the outrage over the microtransactions, people may forget that this was alluded to during the grind itself, and feel it is Overkill laughing at them.

Payday 2 Crimefest Microtransactions reward Trollface

The announcement was also made on the Payday 2 Steam Group, with the additional announcement that the Payday 2 Reddit was to host an AMA by Almir Listo (Payday 2 director) himself. A request on the Reddit has been made to keep the questions civil and constructive. It does seem like a good idea to take this opportunity to give the Payday 2 Director your thoughts in a respectable manner that will properly convey the right message. Not as rabble or mob, but as intelligent individuals and adults.

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