Creative Strategy Platformer Aura of Worlds Releasing on PC Soon

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Aura of Worlds is an upcoming creative strategy rogue-lite platformer that's making its way to Steam's Early Access and on April 24.

With a strong focus on exploration, manipulating the environment, and improvisation, players are most likely to survive through a demonstration of creative ability. Between face-offs against massive bosses, flooding passages, and a multitude of death walls, quick reflexes are paramount to success. Whether players are more comfortable with a methodical or headfirst approach, the variety of tools maintains that you may tackle conflict in various manners.

Aura of Worlds will offer seventy unique enemies and traps, alongside over eight different randomized level themes. These include levels infested with carnivorous plants, some drenched in lava, and others filled with mines. The abilities bestowed to the player range from parkour to the possibility of warping time itself, so utilizing your powers according to your surroundings will be your best bet. Other mechanics include turret hacking, cones of vision for enemies, and terraforming.

Most interactable items will contain multiple uses, so don't be afraid to try out the various possibilities. Finding a lantern, for instance, means you can carry it as a portable light source, or use it to create an improvised flaming molotov.

Each situation you find yourself in is designed to be challenging but rewards careful planning and agility. If you're in a situation where, say, an impenetrable force-field is in front of you, do you elect to throw an enemy at it to create a barrier? Or do you blow up the apparatus with a grenade? These kinds of immediate choices are scattered throughout the world, and continually test your abilities to think on your feet.

Check out the trailer to see more, and if it interests you, pick it up when it releases for PC on April 24.

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