Counter-Strike's Winter Update Brings New Gun To The Game

Published: December 9, 2015 11:24 AM /



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are no strangers to regular updates to the game, many of which bring a number of changes to both the mechanics and the meta of gameplay. The new Winter Update is no different, bringing a brand new pistol to the game, along with changes to timing, and a new case. Check out the breakdown of key changes below:

  • R8 Revolver - A new pistol that players are calling a "pocket AWP" due to the current one-shot nature it can posses with body shots. Costs $850 and occupies the Desert Eagle slot in Loadout.
  • New Case - The Revolver Case is now available
  • 2016 Service Medals - Service Medals for 2016 have been added. Players of rank higher than Global General after December 31st will be able to receive the medal.
  • Timing - Competitive Matchmaking round time is now 1:55, down from 2:00. The time for the C4 to explode was also taken down to 0:40 from 0:45. These times are to be used in CSGO Major Championships.
  • Recovery Time - Recovery time adjusted on the AK47 and M4A4/M4A1-S Rifles to reduce the range where spraying is preferred to tapping or bursting.
  • Pistol Move Inaccuracy - Pistol Inaccuracy while moving adjusted for the following guns: Elites, Five-Seven, Glock-18, P2000, P250, Tec-9, USP, CZ75-auto
  • Competitive Team Timeouts - Team Timeouts can now be called via a vote in Competitive Matchmaking.
  • Killer Replay - Killer Replay added to Casual and Demolition modes. GOTV must be active on server to use, can be deactivated via settings.
  • Game State Integration - Game State Integration added to allow third parties to integrate their services with the game for various purposes. This service was used at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.
R8 Revolver

There were a number of smaller changes to the game, which you can find in the full update, and /u/SlothSquadron on Reddit had a great in-depth analysis of the new update as well, if you'd like to see some hard numbers for how things have changed.

So far, the overwhelming thoughts so far from the community are that the R8 Revolver is too overpowered and that a number of bugs have been introduced to the game with the new update. With a number of players upset with the major changes that this update brings, we'll see what follow-up Valve has in the future with the next patch.

Quick Take

I am a Counter Strike: Global Offensive junkie, and it's definitely one of my favorite games as I slowly (Master Guardian Elite) make my way to Global Elite. These changes, as were many before, are huge. The R8 Revolver is going to really shake up the meta of the game, because the power it possesses could really shake up the 2nd and 3rd rounds if teams force up and buy it, especially if does 1-hit-kill damage. It's been less than 24 hours since the update went out, so I'm interested to play with it more, and see just how different things are.

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