[Correction] Indie Hit Genderwrecked Heading to the Smithsonian For a Weekend

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[Correction] Indie Hit Genderwrecked Heading to the Smithsonian For a Weekend

June 11, 2019

By: Robert Grosso


The Smithsonian Museums perhaps hold the most prestigious exhibits in the United States. Now it has been announced that "The Nation's Attic" will be getting a new tenant in the form of a game that explores the concept of gender in a witty, almost existential way.

The game is 2017s Genderwrecked, a small indie title by developer and illustrator Ryan Rose Aceae and coder Heather Robertson. Genderwrecked is described as "a post-apocalyptic genderpunk visual novel" that explores what gender truly is, with the player getting involved in a ton of bizarre situations, from making out with the sun to attempting to seducing a robot dad.

Aceae announced the news on Twitter, saying that "the smithsonian american art museum has made the delightful mistake of accepting our gross gay gory genderfucky disaster of a visual novel into their hallowed halls!"

Genderwrecked is one of several games that are being focused in the free public program the SAMM Arcade on August 3rd and 4th at the Smithsonian. The program is part of the museum’s ongoing commitment to studying video games as part of the national visual culture


Players interested in playing Genderwrecked can find it on itch.io, with the minimum price of $6.66 to purchase. For those interested in a demo, the first two chapters are available for free.

[Correction: This piece originally stated that Genderwrecked was being given a spot in a major expedition like 2012's Art of Video Games. This was inaccurate and the story above has been updated to clarify that it is going to their special event the SAAM Arcade, not joining a collection or exhibition.]

Quick Take

Honestly, I wish I knew about Genderwrecked sooner, as it is a quirky, well thought out title that really does explore what gender can be. Aceae has a ton of other titles that explore sex and sexuality now too, including (non)binary star and current work in progress, Gay Monster Kiss Club. All of these games are just more proof of how indie titles have become a major force in the LGBTQ community, as I touched on with my Queer Characters in Gaming article back in February. 

What are your thoughts on this? Leave your comments below. 

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