Coreupt Brawls Its Way Into The Guerrilla Collective

Published: June 14, 2020 1:27 PM



Fighting games are typically the realm of the big-budget developer. Featuring well-known warriors and plenty of flash, they're hard to pull off if you don't have all the budget in the world. That's why Coreupt, a new independent 2D fighter, looks all the more impressive. Aiming for PC and next-gen consoles, Coreupt pits cybernetic caped warriors wielding futuristic blades and mech suits against each other.

What's the story here? The titular "Cores" are a mystical energy source that has driven the world of Coreupt into a future utopia. Sadly, a equally powerful "Blue Mist" is sweeping the landscape, turning citizens into soulless shells. Fighters in Coreupt are battling to escape from a crumbling world using the power of the Cores to fuel their special moves.


Gameplay-wise, the team describes their controls as more action than fighting. This may appeal to gamers unfamiliar with the more nuanced play of Street Fighter, hitting a vibe more akin to anime-themed arena fighters. It's a gambit that's come up several times in the past, and it will be interesting to see if a new team can finally solve that puzzle and expand the genre even further.

Created by a solo developer over the last few years, Coreupt looks to break through the established fighting game scene with a diverse cast of eleven interesting characters along with a full suite of Story, Arcade, Training, and online multiplayer modes. What else will this new game have to offer? We'll hopefully find out more than today's brief tease at the Guerrilla Collective in the near future.


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