Core Keeper Update Overhauls Repairs and Makes It Friendlier to Play

The latest Core Keeper update might not be flashy, but there's a bunch of improvements that players will definitely appreciate.

Published: March 30, 2022 11:14 AM /


Core Keeper

The latest Core Keeper update is smaller than what you might expect, but it does provide a bunch of nice improvements for those that are currently enjoying the casual indie adventure RPG. There's gameplay changes, balancing improvements, quality-of-life (QoF) changes, bug fixes, and other additions that should make life easier for Core Keeper fans. Let's get into it, shall we?

What's in the latest Core Keeper update?

Probably the most notable for players is that repairing has been overhauled. It now requires some of the item's crafting materials instead of scrap parts, and the amount of materials required will depend on the current durability of the item. While you're doing that, materials in chests adjacent to crafting buildings can now be accessed while crafting. To know whether or not you can access it, there will be a small chest icon beside the required material that will indicate whether the material is available in any adjacent chests.

Salvaging will also give some crafting materials back instead of scrap parts, and scrap parts have been changed into a valuable that sells for a small amount of coin. Scrap parts will still have a chance to drop from wooden crates and slime piles. And for those who have been frustrated about not being able to place items on the caveling table, rest easy, because it is now possible, my fellow caveling truthers.

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As for balancing improvements, the Blacksmith talent will now also reduce the repair costs of items and has been changed to reduce the cost by 5% instead of 6% per talent point. Cooked food is now worth the amount of ancient coins as its combined ingredients, and the mining damage stat has been added to the Orb lantern.

QoF improvements are also plentiful in this Core Keeper update, as quick stack and sort buttons have been added to the chest inventory UI, enemies will no longer spawn on top or very close to the player, and you can now join a friend's game via your Steam friends list while in-game. 

Fixed bugs include items sometimes duplicating while exiting the game, starting the game via Steam join friend option actually joins the game on start, and pushback not affecting enemies as it should. Save files are now located under the Windows user’s AppData folder as well as in Steam Cloud, great wall blocks can now longer be placed out, and a new font has been added for Thai so that it's easier to read. There's also a performance improvement so that not all plants are animated and emitting particles when there's lots of plants. You can read the full patch notes here.

What is Core Keeper?

For those who aren't in the know, in Core Keeper, players are trapped deep underground and must build their base, craft new equipment, power up the core, and survive. To do so, there's giant monsters to defeat, hidden secrets to discover, crops to farm, and new recipes to cook. In this mining sandbox adventure, 1-8 players can team up online and mine resources and find crystals, fossils, and trinkets in a procedurally generated world. However, before you take on the world, be sure to also craft what you need, which can range from new items, armor, and equipment.

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