Core Keeper Sales Top 250k Within A Week

Published: March 14, 2022 11:41 AM /


A shot of mining adventure Core Keeper

Pugstorm has confirmed that Core Keeper sales have crossed the 250k mark. The developer described this milestone as "astonishing", and given that this is a small indie title without a massive budget, it's hard to disagree with them on that front.

Why have Core Keeper sales been so strong?

After Core Keeper managed to rack up 100,000 sales within just two days, the game has now skyrocketed to 250,000 sales in its first week. In a Steam announcement post, Pugstorm says this sales milestone is "mind-blowing" and expresses its gratitude towards the Core Keeper community, which has apparently been overwhelmingly positive towards the game. The developer attributes this positive response to Steam reviews, which it says are a great way to help smaller developers get recognition and convince people to try their games.


Players exploring a cave complex in Core Keeper
Core Keeper's strong sales are, according to its developer, influenced hugely by positive Steam reviews.

In the Steam post, Pugstorm says it's "listening...closely" to the feedback submitted by players. The dev also says it'll be sharing more information about upcoming Core Keeper features and gameplay additions via the Discord server, so be sure to keep an eye on that if you want to know what's coming. There's also the official roadmap, which was revealed last week and which shows things coming to Core Keeper soon. These include new biomes, emotes, more items, and a port to consoles, among other things. 

What is Core Keeper?

It's perhaps best to think of Core Keeper as a top-down take on Terraria. You play an explorer who must navigate an ancient cave filled with creatures, trinkets, and resources. It's up to you to carve out your own little corner of this cave network and sally forth to gather resources for survival, take on massive boss monsters, and kit out your character in ever stronger weapons and armor to help you deal with the caves' myriad threats. If you love open-ended survival games like the aforementioned Terraria or Minecraft, it's a safe bet you'll like this one too.

A network of devices in Core Keeper
Core Keeper should be on your list if you love games like Terraria.

You can grab Core Keeper right now via Steam Early Access. The game is currently available at a 10% discount, which might not sound like much, but if you know you're going to try it out, you may as well grab it for a little less. It supports between 1 and 8 players, so you can take on its many challenges with your buddies. Just picked up the game and not sure where to start? Be sure to take a look at TechRaptor's Core Keeper guides hub for information on everything from crafting to exploring biomes and even taking down bosses.


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