Consortium: The Tower Has a Radical Plan

Published: February 20, 2016 1:52 PM /


consortium the tower

It seems the lure of a sequel to an intriguing first-person action RPG in the vein of Deus Ex, and the continuation of a planned trilogy was not quite as enticing as the developer of Consortium hoped. Interdimensional Games has struggled over the past month to find the cash for their ambitious sequel and the time limit on the Kickstarter has expired, achieving only $182,000 (CAD) of its $450,000 goal. The original Consortium game’s Kickstarter also failed the first time, relaunching months later and easily surpassing its more modest goal of $50,000. This situation has some differences however, as the independent developer explained in response to a Youtube comment pointing out the déjà vu.

We're going to be candid.  The situation here is quite different from the first Consortium.  In that case, we were deep in production and needed funds to help us finish the game.  In this case, we need production capital to START production on the sequel.

You are all seeing EXACTLY what we can and will deliver in these videos if we have the funds to be able to make it.  We are not inventing a new game here, we are applying our established formula.  Believe it or not, this is a relatively low risk video game project!

The bottom line: while we are dedicated to making this game eventually, an indefinite delay is inevitable if this campaign is not successful.

All is not lost however. Recently a new Kickstarter campaign update has appeared claiming to have a radical plan that will be revealed next week. This is despite the fact that the previous update explicitly said the plan would be revealed approximately 12 hours or earlier before the end of the campaign, while asking backers to hold onto their pledges. “We've always said that no matter what this is a game that is going to get made, and that still holds true” the developer states. “We have found a way to resume this campaign in just a few weeks’ time outside of Kickstarter or PayPal. You were the first supporters of The Tower, and as a special thank you we've got a bit of an extra treat.”

The project has entered an intermission period, with the developer claiming they've found a way to continue the campaign in just a few weeks time outside of Paypal or Kickstarter. Anyone who pledged at the Consortium Initiate level or higher ($20 or more) is eligible to become a SUPER BACKER (there's no such thing as unnecessary capital letters), and shall receive all future games in the Consortium universe for free. The terms of eligibility are unclear at this time. Backers are encouraged to sit tight with their pledge and await further instructions. The developer is answering basic questions within the comments section and is set to launch a new public forum. As for what the actual plan is to bring Consortium: The Tower to our computers, your guess is as good as mine. We'll find out next week.


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