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Published: November 15, 2018 3:48 PM /



There were rumors around we would be seeing a Nintendo 64 Classic. Other gamers have requested a GameBoy Classic, or even a miniaturized version of the original Xbox. The PC Classic on the other hand? That came out of left field.

Unit-e Technologies is going to make one anyways, and it is exactly as you'd expect from a console mini. It's a PC that you can hold in your hand (like a Raspberry Pi) and will contain "at least 30 games" (that your regular PC can already download and run).

THEC64 makes more sense - not only does it include a total of 64 popular Commodore 64 games, but includes has a joystick and the keyboard console. It's also cheaper than its (possible) PC counterpart and has games that are harder for many to get running on PCs.

The PC Classic will run for $99, but its worth to you will be dependent on the games it contains. It will supposedly feature DOS games from the 80s and 90s, but they haven't disclosed any actual titles coming to this mini PC. Unit-e has assured consumers that they can overcome the licensing hassle:

We... have previously licensed and/or collaborated with major IP holders, including Apogee, Sega, Namco, and Andamiro. We’re a Maryland company with strong ties to the Baltimore development scene, which includes such major studios as Zenimax (and by extension, id Software), Bethesda Softworks, Firaxis, MicroProse (former members), Simutronics, and more.
There are a couple of features that come with the PC Classic besides holding a collection of games. The current plans are that the console will support controllers. Other peripherals like a "mini keyboard and mouse" will possibly come along with the unit as well.

The company plans on crowdfunding the PC Classic sometime later this month or December, so if you can't live without a PC Classic in your life, keep an eye out for its campaign in the future.

Quick Take

I suppose someone had to do it. I think this thing is pretty goofy, and that's saying it lightly. GoG has made great efforts to allow older games to run on modern hardware. I suppose it's cool if you like to collect strange gaming paraphernalia, but I'm not so convinced on them attaining the proper game licenses or sold on the $99 price. 

Are you interested in buying a PC Classic? What kind of miniaturized console do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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