Concept shown for canceled Conker game

Published: September 28, 2015 4:46 PM /


Conker Gettin Medieval

RARE has just posted a video via their YouTube page showing off concept artwork for a canceled Conker game that was meant to take the multiplayer mode of Conker's Bad Fur Day and mix it with medieval siege warfare. This game was called Conker: Gettin' Medieval and was originally planned for release on the Xbox, after the release of Live and Reloaded.

In the video, Chris Seavor(Designer) and Peter Hentze (Concept Artist) talk about at what time the game was in production and what the game was meant to be. Gettin' Medieval was going to be an online only team warfare game where you could hop into a game with friends and fight against other teams. While Conker's name was in the title, he would just be one of the guest characters as it was meant to be a game "about the world of Conker". All of the characters present in the 'Future War' game mode were given historical counterparts and were meant to all play their own roles. You can watch the video for yourself below:

Or if you just want to skip straight to the concept artwork of Conker: Gettin' Medieval then you can skip ahead to 1:40. While the concept logo of the game is "Conker: Getin' Medieval" the description of the video assures watchers that the title of the game is meant to be "Conker: Gettin' Medieval" with two t's.

Quick Take

RARE seems to really be playing close to the chest with Conker when all fans really want is a new game in the series. We have seen Conker showing up more and more as of late with his appearance as a playable character in Project Spark and with the Rare Revival collection of games released for the Xbox One but showing videos like this could be RARE building up even more hype for the character or simply showing off what work they had done. Either way at the moment it still leaves people wanting more Conker in their lives and we can just hope it gets delivered.

What do you think of the concept art? Would you have played this game on the Xbox? Do you think RARE might be building up to something?

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