Conan Exiles Patch Adds New Purges, World Boss, Roleplaying Options

Published: March 4, 2019 3:33 PM /


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Recently, Funcom has released a new patch for Conan Exiles, adding a "substantial number of fixes and quality of life updates", including optimizations, balancing, purges, and a new VOIP system.

Conan Exiles has added new purges to the game to increase the variety of purge events. These include Vanir Hunters, Bandits, Jhebbal Sag Disciples, Snakes, Yetis, Alchemists, Crocodiles, and Rocknoses. Funcom has also rewritten several portions of the Purge in order to improve the core mechanics and make them a real threat. They should also happen more reliably, Purge enemies should no longer be naked, and the Purge meter should fill as intended.

A new boss--the Black Yeti--has been added. The boss can be found southeast of the volcano, and in the mountains north-northeast of the Mounds of the Dead. While there are no legendary chests near this boss (and the rest of the bosses) the Black Yeti will drop a key, like other world bosses do. In addition to this new boss, a purge that contains yetis and the Black Yeti as a purge boss can spawn in the northern area of the map.

For those who participate in Conan Exiles' role-playing community, the new VOIP system will sound a lot better and add mouth animation, great for those who would like more immersion in their game playing. Players can now write their own biography, write on notes, and create dice that function via the /Dice chat command. Dice can be made in 4,6,8,10,12 and 20 sided variants. For those in a clan, you can now also see your clanmates on the map.

For those who would like more information the newest patch to Conan Exiles, click here.

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