Compound Fracture is Basically a Dino Crisis FPS Spiritual Successor

Published: February 17, 2021 3:50 PM /


Compound Fracture dinosaur game cover

Dino Crisis is a survival horror franchise that has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Now, an indie studio is seeking to revive that spirit with Compound Fracture, a super-spooky first-person shooter with deadly dinosaurs.

Compound Fracture has you exploring a facility run by the global oil supplier ChronoGas. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are very many people around — but you're certainly not alone. Check out the first gameplay video below (via ResetEra) to see what you can expect!


Compound Fracture's Dinosaurs Look Tough

Compound Fracture certainly isn't the first game to feature dinosaurs as enemies and there are a fair few titles that feature them on the market today. What this game does, however, is honor the spirit of a classic survival horror game while maintaining a consistent retro aesthetic.

The simplest way to summarize the Dino Crisis games is "Resident Evil, but with dinosaurs instead of zombies." Dinosaurs will be an enemy in this game, too, and the ones we see in the demo look pretty challenging.

The player in the first trailer slowly walks through the halls of the ChronoGas facility, collecting ammo and supplies while steadily advancing deeper into the structure. The opening of one fateful door reveals a pair of raptors right in front of our hero! A few shotgun blasts fell his foes, but he failed to notice the third raptor ambushing him from behind like the clever girl she is. (TechRaptor neither endorses nor condones any violence against our reptilian friends.)


Compound Fracture also aims for a deliberate retro aesthetic. It genuinely looks like a PS1 era game and it even has a 4:3 aspect ratio to add to the vibe. Thankfully, it looks like we won't have to suffer through any stuttering frame rates or anything like that.

This might just be the game for you if you're anxious to explore a spooky new game with dinosaurs as the bad guys. There's no release date for this game just yet, but you can add Compound Fracture to your wishlist on Steam.

What do you think of Compound Fracture? Do you enjoy games that use a retro 4:3 aspect ratio or would you prefer it had a more modern resolution? Let us know in the comments below!


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