Company Of Heroes 3 Release Date Pushed Back To February

Published: October 4, 2022 10:45 AM /


An army marching forward with tanks and infantrymen in Company of Heroes 3

Relic Entertainment and Sega have announced that the Company of Heroes 3 release date has been pushed back. Originally slated to launch for PC this November, the real-time strategy game will now arrive in February next year instead. Shigeru Miyamoto, delays, good games, et cetera.

Speaking via Twitter, Relic Entertainment confirmed earlier that the original Company of Heroes 3 release date wouldn't give the dev team time to deliver the game to a high standard. As Relic says, there are still "bugs to squash, pixels to polish", and gameplay adjustments to make, as well as user feedback to address.


With this in mind, the new Company of Heroes 3 release date is February 23rd. That's a pretty significant delay, but as Relic says, it'll give the team the time it needs to deliver the game "in a better overall state". Hey, it's better to play the game when it's finished than to slog through a buggy mess, right?

Two armies engaged in trench warfare in Company of Heroes 3
Company of Heroes 3 needs a bit more time before it's ready.

Company of Heroes 3 was originally announced back in July 2021. As the name helpfully suggests, it's the third game in the Company of Heroes series of real-time strategy games, with this one taking you to a Mediterranean theater in the midst of World War II. You'll experience what Relic calls "untold stories of war", experiencing battlefields in locations like North Africa and Italian mountain passes.

Relic is promising that every location in Company of Heroes 3 will be a "fully destructible sandbox", which is probably one of the elements that's proving trickiest to finalize ahead of the game's release date. Still, it should mean a great degree of tactical depth when Company of Heroes 3 does arrive, and with several factions on offer including the American-Canadian Special Service Forces and the Commonwealth's Gurkhas, you'll have plenty of choices.

You can pick up Company of Heroes 3 on PC via Steam when it launches on February 23rd. 



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