Company of Heroes 3 Release Date Announced

Published: July 12, 2022 2:22 PM /


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The legendary and well-known real-time strategy series is back! Relic Entertainment has announced an official Company of Heroes 3 release date, but with a few changes to the campaign that fans might not expect.

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What's New In Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes developers seem to be making some immense changes to the franchise that players will enjoy due to familiarity and the new and improved features being added to CoH 3. This RTS is about taking control of the opposition in an intense real-time battle, all while using wit and impeccable tactics to outsmart and outplay enemies. 

The newest addition to the CoH series will showcase new flanking maneuvers to help players hit the enemies where it hurts and gain the upper hand. Players will also have a chance to experience brand new Infantry breaching mechanics, where players can now easily eradicate the enemy's garrisons. Those looking to gain a better line of sight can now become well educated on the game's different elevations and use those to their advantage. 

A new theater will also be added to the game, where players can experience war within the Italian mountain passes, coastlines, and scorching deserts within North Africa. With each environment comes its very own set of challenges. Fighting within the vast mountains will take an entirely different strategy than fighting in the open expanses of the desert. Using different vantage points within the mountainous region will be vital while taking a more stealthy and careful approach in the desert would be the best way to take the upper hand. 


Company of Heroes 3 will also introduce a never before seen faction, the Deutsche Afrika Korps. This change will add more diverse factions and units to the game, meaning CoH3 will hold the largest number of faction launches within the franchise. The developers have also added the ability to call in many specialized Ops with the new army customization mechanics. 

What is the Company of Heroes 3 Release Date?

The Company of Heroes 3 Release Date (as first reported by PC Gamer) is set for November 17, 2022. Those who want to pre-order can do so now, and here's a breakdown of the prices and features of the different editions: 

  • Company of Heroes 3: Standard Edition: $59.99 
  • Company of Heroes 3: Digital Premium Edition: $79.99 
    • Devil's Brigade DLC Pack - A collection of perks inspired by the first commando units of World War 2.
      • US Rifleman Cosmetic [Legendary]
      • S Scout Cosmetic [Legendary]
      • M18 Hellcat Cosmetic [Legendary]
      • M8 Greyhound Cosmetic [Legendary]
      • Pioneer Profile & Title [Legendary]

For fans of the franchise who can't wait to jump in, there is a work-in-progress Alpha version available for play. Players will dive head first into the Alpha as commander of the Deutsches Afrikakorps, the newest faction added to CoH3, where they can begin to mess around with the features added into the game, including the "Full Tactical Pause." Using this feature allows players to control the pace of their game. Relic Entertainment describes this Alpha as "merely a taste of what is to come."




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