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Published: September 5, 2019 2:40 PM /


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Today, Fantasy General II: Invasion was released on PC, the first game in the Fantasy General series since 1996, a period of 23 years between titles.…

Fantasy General II features a new campaign that takes place 300 years after the ending of the first game, with the player now leading an army of Clan Warriors on a rampage. In this campaign, players will pillage, burn, and destroy their enemies in turn-based battles.

The title features over 75 unique unit types, which includes powerful heroes for the player to control. Players must take into account the different types of terrain, magical effects, morale, weapons and armor, and the overall disposition of both forces. Once done, players will need to make a plan and execute it with precision, destroying their foes and building their reputation as a savagely efficient warlord.

Fantasy General II is not just about the fighting, though. After the battles, players will have to make decisions to develop their army. Young clan members need training, which will turn even the youngest and greenest of troops into champions that can change the tide of battle. This is why players will need to manage their troops efficiently, as a costly victory can be even worse than defeat.

There are three editions for Fantasy General II. The first is the standard game for $39.99, which includes the 33-mission campaign. The second is the Hero Edition for $59.99, which includes the Tales of Falir Prequel Campaign, a 104-page Digital Artbook, a Printable World Map, and the 20-track Digital Soundtrack, which includes tracks from Fantasy General I and II. The General Edition costs $79.99 and includes everything from the Hero Edition plus two future expansions for the title.

Fantasy General II is out today for $39.99 on Steam.

What do you think of this news? Are you a Fantasy General veteran? Are you interested in becoming one? Let us know in the comments!

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