Command and Conquer Remasters Coming For The Series 25th Anniversary

Published: October 11, 2018 4:35 PM /


command and conquer 3 kane's wrath

A thread on the Command and Conquer subreddit teases upcoming remasters for classic games in the real-time strategy series. The remasters and other "exciting ideas" are intended to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary, 2020. EA also seem to be reaching out to the modding community, with a post to OpenRA, a community that does open source remakes of old Westwood games.

EA are soliciting feedback from fans as to which games should be remastered. There are a lot of titles in the legendary strategy series that could be remastered, so it's unclear exactly which will get the HD treatment at this point.

The thread does not go into any specifics about the remasters except that they will not include microtransactions.

The post, which comes from Jim Vessella, a producer at EA who was the Lead Producer on Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, says that EA are well aware of the fan's desire for the strategy series to return to its PC roots. This outcry came when Command and Conquer Rivals, a mobile entry in the series, was announced at E3 earlier this year.

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Command and Conquer Rivals is a free-to-play mobile where players fight in 1v1 matches as either the Rivals, GDI or Brotherhood of Nod. The objective of the game is to capture platforms around a missile silo. If a player manages to gain control of two or more platforms for a fixed time, the missile will launch and obliterate the opponent's base. While the reaction to it by fans was negative, those judging it without considering the name and the brand issues it represents (which were a lot of the sticking points), found it to be a fun experience, including our team at E3.

Following fan's negative reaction, Redwood Studios General Manager Michael Martinez stated that the team was trying to bring  "a great real-time strategy game" to mobile platforms. He urged fans to give the game a chance, promising that they'll enjoy this new take on the series.

Before Rivals, the most recent Command and Conquer game worked on was 2013's Command and Conquer (also known as Command and Conquer: Generals 2). It was set to be a traditional real-time strategy entry, before it was canceled in October 2013.

What do you think? Are you excited for classic Command and Conquer remasters? Are you going to check out Rivals when it comes out? Let us know below!

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