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Code Vein Gets New Details About Character Creation and World

Published: April 26, 2017 12:34 PM



More information about Bandai Namco’s new project Code Vein has recently been revealed in Japanese gaming publication Dengeki Playstation via GamesTalk. The upcoming action RPG is being made by Shift, the team behind God Eater. The game was just announced last week, here’s the news if you missed it.

Code VeinThe developer interview in Dengeki PlayStation details the setting, character creation and gameplay of Code Vein. To start, the word of the game is set in a post-apocalyptic future after a destructive event. Society now exists on various adjoining lands.


In the game, you’ll play as a Revenant, a type of vampire who survives this dangerous world by fighting and consuming blood. Players will be able to fully customize their characters that can fight alongside an NPC buddy. Customizations will range from a character's gender to their overall look.

Game progression will include freely exploring the adjoining lands instead of clearing stages. As characters progress they will have opportunities for growth and players can improve them to suit their own play styles. When it comes to exploring there are a large variety of locations such as an urban area or underground cave, each with different enemy types and area-specific mechanics.


Code Vein
One of the NPCs in the game.

A selection of NPC’s are available to take along on your adventures or you can go it alone. If your companion dies then you can keep on going. You, however, cannot die and if defeated will be able to start over from a checkpoint.


The developer goes on to explain that difficulty was not the main concern in developing the game but there will be challenges for players to overcome. Code Vein will be launching worldwide in 2018. The platforms it will be available for it have not been announced. Check out the official website for the game here or the game’s official Twitter account.

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