Co-Director of The Last of Us Announces Wildflower Interactive

Published: July 20, 2022 3:20 PM /


Wildflower Interactive Header

Bruce Straley, a game-development veteran in the industry, has announced not only his return but a brand new gaming studio called Wildflower Interactive. The aim of the studio is to make wildly creative and unique games for all to enjoy. 

Back in 2017, Bruce announced that he would be leaving the game-dev industry, as he was no longer sure whether or not he wanted to make games anymore. Instead of being happy to have moved on, Bruce couldn't help but think that there was so much more to do and all of the things he hadn't done during his time in the industry. That's when the idea behind Wildflower Interactive was born. Bruce and a group of friends began prototyping and mapping out their ideas, and they realized that they were good ideas, maybe even great ideas. That's when it all clicked for Bruce just as it did before; the excitement and thrill were back in full force, and he decided now is the time to take action once more. 


Building a game was on Bruce's mind, but that meant he needed a power-house of a team behind him as well, and building a team means building a company. Bruce didn't want this to just be another gaming company, he wanted this company to be equitable, inclusive, and done the right way from day one. He was looking for people who had their hearts in the right place, and that wanted to take an opportunity and grow with it, not just some temporary endeavor. Along with a team of pro's on his side, Bruce mentioned some form of partner on their team who will make this dream a reality and reach as many gamers as they can. 

While there isn't too much information as of yet, Bruce says that he is thrilled about this new chapter in building a game that is nothing like games he has played before. Their new official website states,

"We’re making small-ish,’ creatively-charged, uniquely-stylized games that explore the possibilities of our medium. And we’re building a small, open-hearted team of creators that want to improve their skills and still lead a good life outside of work. People that want to hone their craft, have a say in the process, feel respected for their contributions, and be a part of the evolution of this awesome medium."

Hopefully, with time, there will be much to see from Wildflower Interactive, as Bruce Straley already has his foot in the door and the right mindset going into this. 



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