Club Penguin Rewritten Shut Down by Disney

Published: April 13, 2022 10:17 AM /


Club Penguin

In news that is honestly not too surprising, Club Penguin Rewritten has been shut down as per Thorn, a Club Penguin Rewritten admin. The Discord has also been wiped. No one can comment or do anything except view this announcement:

CPRewritten is shutting down effective immediately due to a full request by Disney.

We have voluntarily given control over the website to the police for them to continue their copyright investigation.

Another quote confirms that this is not some type of joke or meme (which the Club Penguin community has always been known for), with another CPRewritten admin known as Stu stating that he "cannot speak further on it, but yes, it is real – no weird conspiracies." Understandable, as Stu and the other CPRewritten admins are probably under some type of gag order or something similar and cannot speak about what happened publicly.


What might provide more information is the official statement from the PIPCU (Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) from the City of London Police, where they say that the website has been taken over by them. So, does that mean that the server was forcibly brought to Disney's attention somehow and they had to act? Maybe Disney woke up on the wrong side of bed and chose violence? Who knows.

Due to the game's enduring popularity, this isn't the first Club Penguin server to be shut down either and it probably won't be the last. The last time we noticed one was back in 2020 and the server was known as Club Penguin Online, which had been running for years at that point. It also wasn't the only server to be taken down. It's not known what provoked Disney's ire this time, as unlike the Club Penguin Online shutdown there's no signs of community conflict spilling out and creating enough noise that Disney felt compelled to act.

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