Classic Characters Join in Final Fantasy Explorers

Published: January 19, 2016 1:56 PM /


Final Fantasy Explorers Preview

Final Fantasy Explorers is launching next week for the Nintendo 3DS. Final Fantasy Explorers is a different take on Final Fantasy games as you will not be following a story line but instead a list of jobs that you need to complete. This different set up aligns it closer to games like those in the Monster Hunter series. It has been announced today that as well as relying on yourself and up to three friends you will also be able to transform into some classic Final Fantasy characters to give yourself an edge in a fight.

Final Fantasy Explorers Legacy Characters
Which returning star are you most excited to see?

As you fight in battles against returning Final Fantasy enemies you will be able to enter Trance Mode and use character magicite to turn into one of 11 classic characters. Characters are being included from all across the Final Fantasy franchise. The full list of characters is Cecil, Bartz, Terra, Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Squall, Tidus, Yuna, and Lightning. All of these characters have their own special abilities that you can use to sway the battle to your advantage such as Cloud's Omnislash or Tidus's Blitz Ace where he will "deliver a flurry of attacks before a dazzling final strike".

In order to be able to use these returning characters you will need to obtain their character magicites. This can be done by talking to two of the local moogles in the central town to take on rare quests. These magicites are the rewards where you can then equip them to your character before heading out on your next big adventure.

If you want to get a better idea of what these legacy characters can do then you can check out the trailer that Square Enix released on them:

What do you think of the inclusion of these legacy Final Fantasy characters? Who are you most excited to be able to play as? Share your thoughts below!


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