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Published: September 8, 2016 6:08 PM /



Today, GOG announced that the trio of Army Men RTS's developed and published by the 3DO company are now up for sale on their store, going for $5.99 each or for $9.99 at a permanent 44% discount.

Below is the Army Men flavored press release:

Look lively, you Green maggots! The despicable Tan soldiers are pushing us out of our own territory. We need to shape up and reclaim the regions that are rightfully ours before these bastards and their filthy allies conquer the entire toy box! Or worse: the kitchen!

You heard the Sarge: Gain control of his heroic squad of toy soldiers and shoot, melt, or blow up your devious opponents with your handheld weapons, unstoppable tanks, or surgical airstrikes. The top-down perspective gives you a tactical view of the battlefield and the plastic brutality that ensues when the toy combatants meet. After engaging in WW2-style combat, the Army Men will go on to meet Toys in Space, gaining access to more advanced technology and facing the sinister alien toys that have come to wreak havoc on our unsuspecting bathroom floors and peaceful backyards!

GOG also offered an interesting addendum to the press release, stating that because the games are 'still awaiting' age ratings from 'certain' agencies, GOG is unable to offer the titles to specific users (such as those in Brazil), due to their local laws. However, when the Army Men titles receive their ratings, GOG assured prospective buyers that they will become immediately available.

If you'd like to grab a copy, or all three, of the Army Men games - you can grab them here (Affiliate)

Quick Take:

More classic RTS's are always welcome, although I was only really familiar with the late Pandemic Studios' effort. Will I buy this? Probably not, but now the 3D0 RTS series is on GOG for all posterity, and I'm sure that fact has made some Army Men loyalists very happy. And while we are on the subject of adding old RTS's, GOG, find a way to add Warcraft I & II to your library please.

Are you going to hunt down some Tan soldiers? Let us know in the comments!

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