Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos Gameplay Trailer Shows What Happens When Darkness Falls

Ace Team and Nacon have released a new Clash: Artifacts of Chaos gameplay trailer showing why you should be very afraid of nightfall (but also just a little excited).

Published: March 2, 2023 9:08 AM /


Your wooden puppet-like avatar lifting a log off you in Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

There's a new Clash: Artifacts of Chaos gameplay trailer in town, and this one's all about the effects of nightfall. When day turns to dusk in Ace Team's upcoming brawler, things change in new and interesting ways, and you'll need to contend with powerful enemies if you want to recover your daylight form and continue adventuring.

When main character Pseudo dreams in Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, he will begin dreaming. In gameplay terms, this means you'll be facing new and more powerful nocturnal enemies. You'll be able to enter this dream world in two main ways: either by sleeping at a camp or by dying. When you do so, you'll awaken at your last camp as a new wooden puppet version of yourself, and you'll need to find your body while battling powerful enemies on the way. You can check out a new trailer explaining this mechanic right here.

There are additional benefits to exploring the world of Zenozoik during the night, too. You can access areas and find items that aren't available during the day, but you'll need to be careful, because greater numbers of enemies will try to stop you, and they'll be much tougher as well. What do these enemies symbolize? You'll have to play Clash: Artifacts of Chaos to find out.

If you're not familiar with Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, it's the latest game in the Zeno Clash series, which began back in 2009 with the original Zeno Clash. A second game followed in 2013, making Clash: Artifacts of Chaos the third game in the franchise (with a ten-year gap between installments). Unlike the previous two games, Clash will be in third-person. Its level design and approach to combat is inspired by games like Bloodborne, but it'll still be a martial arts brawler at its heart.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is set to launch on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox platforms on March 9th.

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