Civilization VI Pre-Purchase Discount Launches With Pre-load

Published: October 17, 2016 8:25 PM /



Civilization VI's pre-load size is mentioned to be only 4GB and after install only 12GB. Compare that to the 30GB required for Fallout 4 or 55GB for DOOM and we have a big contrast for a "modern" 2016 title. Then again the current 12GB is only slightly larger than the 8GB needed for Civilization V.

Anyway, pre-load just went live for Civilization VI and if you're going to pre-order for the Aztec Civilization Pack or buy on Day 1 anyway, it'll be nice to get that download over with so you're ready to go on Friday, October 21st. The best with this pre-load launch? There's a discount available for Civilization VI.

In late September all discounts were on the chopping block for Civilization VI, but today during pre-load GMG has brought back a 20% off bargain. That saves you nine bucks on a Standard Edition copy and twelve bucks on the Deluxe Edition. Not bad at all, especially since GMG is sending out keys right away so you can participate in pre-load before Friday's launch.

The trick at GMG is you won't see the discount until you add the game to cart. In the past you've needed to login to see price breaks at GMG, now you need to actually add the game to your cart before you see the price cut. At the end of the day, it's minor hoop to jump through to save a few bucks.

So far we've only mentioned the price in North America, but if you're in Europe or in the UK prices will show automatically at GMG. The discount hits 20% when applied in the UK - which brings price down to £39.99 for the standard edition and £55.99 for the deluxe. Despite currency differences, after conversion you're paying about the same price in the UK as in North America.

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