Civilization 6 Gran Colombia Civilization Arrives, Led By Simón Bolívar

Published: May 19, 2020 3:49 PM /


Civilization 6 Gran Colombia civilization cover

The Civilization 6 Gran Colombia Civilization has arrived along with a brand-new Leader! Simón Bolívar will be taking command of Gran Colombia, and many of this newest Leader's abilities have a particular focus on speeding up your game in intriguing ways.

Take a look at the Civilization 6 First Look for Gran Colombia to see some of these new abilities in action!

Simón Bolívar was a Venezuelan soldier who helped kick the crap out of the Spanish empire in the early 1800s. His campaign of independence eventually led to the formation of the state of Gran Colombia, a decently-sized empire that was made up of much of the northern portion of South America as well as some parts of lower Central America.

Now, Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios Ponte-Andrade y Blanco — yes, his full name and title are really that long — has arrived in Civ 6 along with his empire of Gran Colombia. This time, he's poised to take over the world!

Civilization 6 Gran Colombia civilization slice

What are the Civilization 6 Gran Colombia Civilization Unique Abilities?

A new civilization means new abilities! The Civilization 6 Gran Colombia civilization has a light focus on speediness and versatility; let's break down the abilities!

Unique Leader Ability - Campana Admirable

Gran Colombia earns the unique Comandante General unique unit for free whenever the civilization enters a new era.

Unique Ability - Ejercito Patriota

All units have additional movement. Furthermore, promoting a unit will not end that unit's turn.

Unique Unit - Comandante General

The Commandante General has a mix of passive and active effects. It can increase combat bonuses, upgrade military units, and more! Here's are the available variants as noted in the Civ 6 wiki:

  • José Antonio Páez - Cavalry-class units get +4 Combat Strength within a 2 tile radius.
  • Gregor MacGregor - Promotes 1 military land unit and awards Gold equal to 50% of its purchase cost.
  • Antonio Nariño - Trade Route capacity is increased by 1 and a Trader unit appears in the nearest city.
  • José Félix Ribas - When activated, enemy units within 2 tiles lose 30 HP.
  • Rafael Urdaneta - Land combat units within 2 tiles get all of their Movement and attack capability back.

Unique Unit - Llanero

The Llanero replaces the Cavalry unit. It gets stronger as you group them together, and it can regain lost health if it's near a Comandante General.

Unique Improvement - Hacienda

The Hacienda gives bonuses to Production, Gold, and Housing. Additionally, each adjacent Plantation provides a Food bonus. Furthermore, adjacent Haciendas and Plantations will receive Production bonuses.

These new updates should make for a cool new civilization that will provide fun new ways to play Civ 6. You can read about this new civilization in greater detail in the Steam Community announcement.

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