Civilization 6 Free Update 6 is Adding Trebuchets

Civilization 6's Free Update 6 is arriving before the end of the month, featuring the debut of three new units and a bunch of balance changes.

Published: April 12, 2021 2:04 PM /


Civilization 6 Free Update 6 trebuchet cover

Some details on Civilization 6 Free Update 6 have been revealed by the developers, highlighting the addition of Trebuchets and two other units along with a bunch of balance fixes.

Civilization 6 has been happily chugging along with regular releases of new content via its New Frontier Pass, but that doesn't mean that everyone is left out in the cold. —Firaxis still releases some free updates every now and again. Now, a new update is on the horizon and it brings some interesting changes into the game, part of which includes a revamp to its A.I.

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What's New in Civilization 6 Free Update 6?

The first big addition in Civilization 6 Free Update 6 is three new units that every civilization will be able to train. Men-At-Arms, Line Infantry, and the Trebuchet will soon be coming to arsenals around the world. Adding new units for everyone is going to affect the pacing of tech tree progression. As a result, Firaxis has reexamined unit strengths "across the board."

Also arriving in this update are some changes to existing civilizations. While the update for these civs is free, it should be noted that some of the civilizations getting changes are only available through the purchase of DLC. Here's what's changing:

  • Spain
    • can now form fleets and armadas with Mercantilism
    • receives increased Gold, Faith, and Production from Trade Routes
      • Trade Routes between multiple continents have higher returns
    • Cities outside of Spain's home content have increased Production for Districts
      • Founding a city on another continent will grant a free Builder
  • Khmer Empire
    • Gets bonus Faith per population
    • Bonus amenities for Cities with Aqueducts
      • Farms provide additional Food when adjacent to an Aqueduct
      • Farms provide additional Faith when adjacent to a Holy Site
    • Jayavarman VII now grants Holy Sites:
      • a "major" adjacency bonus to rivers
      • Food equal to the Holy Site's adjacency bonus
      • along with the usual Culture bomb and any Housing bonus if adjacent to a river
  • China
    • Completing a World Wonder now provides a random Eureka and Inspiration from that Wonder's era
  • Mapuche Empire
    • "Toqui" ability now provides the following to Cities with an established Governor:
      • +5% Culture
      • +5% Production
      • +10% experience in combat for all units trained in the city
    • The above numbers are tripled for cities not founded by the Mapuche Empire
    • Cities within 9 tiles of one of your Cities with a Governor gain +4 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization
    • Cities losing in combat to Mapuche lose more Loyalty when a unit is defeated by the Mapuche
  • Canada
    • Leader ability now provides increased yields for Mines, Camps, Lumber Fields, and Farms on Snow and Tundra tiles
    • Mounties are cheaper to build and stronger
  • Georgia and other civs are getting changes, too

In addition, Naval A.I. is getting some improvements to go along with all of these other changes. These are just some of the things mentioned in the developer update released today; we'll find out the full list of changes when the patch notes are released at a later date.

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When is the Civilization 6 Free Update 6 Release Date?

The Civilization 6 Free Update 6 release date is April 22, 2021. You'll be able to take advantage of most of these new features and changes regardless of what DLC you own, although some of the civilizations getting changes are locked behind certain DLC packages.

With two weeks to go, that leaves plenty of time to pick up Civ 6 and play a game or three before this new update launches. You can buy Civilization 6 via its official website starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the changes coming in Civilization 6 Free Update 6? What balance fixes do you think the game badly needs? Let us know in the comments below!

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