Civilization 6 Will Soon Let You Pick and Choose City-States

Published: December 7, 2020 4:03 PM /


Civilization 6 December 2020 Update City States update cover

The Civilization 6 December 2020 Update has been revealed, finally letting players pick each specific City-State that they would like to see in the game (along with some other neat balance changes).

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 has been happily chugging along for some time now, releasing new updates roughly once a month to fix some issues with the game and add new content. Now, details on the December 2020 update have been revealed including some neat new features and balance changes that will adjust content released earlier in the year.

Check out the Civilization 6 December 2020 Update developer video if you'd like to hear about what's coming this month!

What's Coming in the Civilization 6 December 2020 Update?

The first major addition coming in the Civilization 6 December 2020 update is a City-State picker. This will essentially allow you to specifically choose which City-States you would or would not like to have in your game. As detailed in the video, this has several interesting advantages for the player. To start, the number of City-States on the board can change the dynamics of your game pretty heavily — a small number of City-States, for example, means that there is more territory to go around for players to control.

However, there's an even more interesting aspect with this change. Each City State has a specialization; for example, some City-States can confer bonuses to Science. Players could have more "Science" City-States in their game to make it easier to get a Science Victory... or they could have fewer (or none!) to make a Science Victory all the more challenging.

This City-State Picker is cool, but Firaxis has added something that fans have wanted for years. Should another civilization leader continue to pester you about a particular matter, you can no push a "No and stop asking." button that should bring an end to their incessant requests.

As with most other content drops, the free Civilization 6 December 2020 update will also bring balance changes and improvements to the game. A "significant" balance pass has been done on Social Policies, Tech Boosts, and Civic Boosts. More details on these changes will be available when the patch notes are released.

Civilization 6 City States update slice

When is the Civilization 6 December 2020 Update Release Date?

Unfortunately, the Civilization 6 December 2020 update release date has not been announced. That said, this update is scheduled to release sometime this month, so I can't imagine that Firaxis will be keeping players waiting too long.

It looks like some cool stuff is coming next year, too — keen-eyed fans on Reddit have noticed a hint that changes to Barbarians may be coming next year. For now, you can buy Civilization 6 via the franchise's official website starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the changes coming in the Civilization 6 December 2020 update? What changes do you think need to happen to make the game better? Let us know in the comments below!

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