Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul Pack Arrives Later This Month

Published: September 14, 2020 2:38 PM /


Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul Pack cover

Civilization 6 Frontier Pass Pack 3 has finally been revealed! The Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul pack will be bringing two new civilizations, a new map, and more to owners of this DLC pass later in September 2020.

If you haven't yet played Civilization 6, you may have missed out on the New Frontier Pass. This pack promises to add eight new civilizations, new game modes, new  World Wonders, and more to give players a bunch of new content to play. Two out of the six parts of this pack have already been launched, and now Civilization 6 Frontier Pass Pack 3 will be bringing Byzantium & Gaul to the game on September 24, 2020.

Check out the newest Civilization 6 Developer Update to get a first look at what's coming in the Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul pack!

Details on what's coming in this new pack are pretty light; Firaxis are holding their cards close to the chest on this one. They were, however, able to share a few details about what's been going on with the next update.

"What we can tell you is that Byzantium is all about conquest, be it militarily or religiously," said Civilization 6 Lead Animator Grant Chang. "Meanwhile, Gaul has some beefy boosts related to culture and production. But don't mistake Gaul for peace-loving artists in an off-the-grid commune!"

One other point raised during the Developer Update was the challenges they faced developing content for the game while working at home. They wanted one of the civilization leaders to have new animations, but they needed a reference. That led to some employees holding cardboard props to demonstrate how they'd like it to look and sending the video off to the animators — a far cry from a high-end motion capture studio.

"We pulled it off, though!" Chang added. "Our art teams are pretty insanely talented."

Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul Pack slice

What's Coming in the Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul Pack?

This next batch of new content for Civilization 6 is looking to be pretty robust! Here's what you'll be getting in the Civilization 6 Frontier Pass Pack 3:

  • New civilization: Gaul
  • New civilization: Byzantium
  • Biosphere World Wonder – Increases appeal for Marsh & Rainforest tiles. Also boosts Power & Tourism in Gathering Storm.
  • Statue of Zeus World Wonder – Gives free military units to the city that builds it and increases production for anti-cavalry units.
  • New map type: Highlands – Unsurprisingly, this new map type has a lot of hills and mountains.
  • New game mode: Dramatic Ages – This new game mode changes up standard gameplay:
    • Civilizations will always enter either a Dark Age or Golden Age at the start of a new era.
    • New ages bring access to new Dark Policies and Gold Policies.
    • Any extra Era Score will increase Loyalty pressure on nearby civilizations.
    • Dark Ages can cause one of your cities to immediately rebel.
    • Georgia can use Dark Age policies even in a Golden Age, and a Golden Age gives them an extra Wildcard slot (in addition to its 50% production boost for defensive buildings).

If you have a desire to lose a few hundred more hours of your life, you'll be able to play these two new civilizations when Pack 3 launches on September 24, 2020. You can buy Civilization 6 on Steam for $59.99 or your regional equivalent and you'll be able to get this new content as part of the New Frontier Pass for just $39.99.

What do you think of the two new civilizations debuting in the Civilization 6 Byzantium & Gaul Pack? Do you think you'll try out the new Dramatic Ages game mode? Let us know in the comments below!

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