City of Heroes Spiritual Successor Ship of Heroes Opens Steam Page; Gameplay Trailer Released

Remember the beloved MMORPG City of Heroes? Its spiritual successor Ship of Heroes now has a steam page and a new gameplay trailer. It'll use the old-school monthly subscription model with absolutely no microtransactions.😍

Published: March 23, 2023 3:48 PM /


Ship of Heroes


Heroic Games finally opened the steam page of its upcoming superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes. 

Once upon a time, superhero fans who also loved MMORPGs gathered in City of Heroes by Cryptic Studios. It was a game loved by many, featuring awesome freedom, customization aplenty, and a charming setting. 

The game was very popular among fans of the genre, but unfortunately, publisher NCSoft closed on November 30, 2012, a day mourned by many. 

Yet, Heroic Games stepped up to create a spiritual successor to the beloved franchise, and Ship of Heroes was born. As a major milestone toward release in Q4 2023, today a Steam page has been opened. 

Ship of Heroes already had several betas and promises unparalleled customization. It also sticks to the old-school monetization style, which many still love and miss. You pay upfront and then a monthly subscription, and then you get everything, with zero microtransactions involved.

"All options are included in the download and subscription. No premium skins or content. No cash shop, no loot boxes, no purchased add-on, no expensive gear, no microtransactions, no play to win. Items are earned, crafted, or available for purchase with Dust, the in-game currency earned during gameplay."

On top of the Steam page, we also get a gameplay trailer, which you can watch below. 

Despite wearing its nature as the spiritual successor of City of Heroes on its spandex sleeve, City of Heroes has no direct ties to it, featuring a completely new story and setting. Here's how the developers themselves describe it.

"Show of your heroic side. Create your unique avatar. Select and custom-augment your powers as you rise through the ranks. Team up to defeat enemies in this friendly community, or try the hardest content solo, if you dare… Topple titans and accomplish incredible feats in large raids with dozens of heroes. Defend a nation in space aboard a vast spaceship in the 25th century. Harvest. Craft. Trade. Gain fame, wealth, and power. Uncover secrets and earn badges. Leave your mark on the galaxy in a grand, immersive and new story that really makes you feel like a hero."

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