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Published: January 11, 2021 4:22 PM /


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Grim Dawn developer Crate Entertainment has announced Farthest Frontier, a brand-new city builder where you can create a flourishing society at the very edge of the wilderness.

Farthest Frontier is certainly a good name for this title — players will be building a medieval village at the edge of the known world. The only things surrounding your town are the wilderness and hostile humans, so you're certainly in for a challenge.


Players will typically start their journey with a handful of tiny buildings and not much else. As time goes on, your resources will grow and you'll be able to expand into a bustling burg. A greater population brings more problems, too — players will have to combat diseases like cholera and dysentery as they try to keep their population thriving.

A bigger city means a bigger economy, and that brings its own share of problems. Hostile invaders are all too happy to pillage your village! That means you're going to have to train soldiers and build some simple fortifications as soon as you can, eventually progressing to sturdy stone walls and seasoned soldiers to fend off their attacks.

There's still a lot we don't know about this game just yet, though. The screenshot shown in our header image reveals a pretty robust economy, but there are still a lot of questions: how big can your village be? How big are the maps? What's the ultimate endgame goal? Crate Entertainment is sure to reveal more details about this game in the coming months.


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When is the Farthest Frontier Release Date?

The Farthest Frontier release date will be sometime later in 2021. No specific release date has been announced. A price has not been announced yet either, but the developer's previous game Grim Dawn currently retails for $24.99.

For now, you can add Farthest Frontier to your wishlist on Steam. You can also check out its official website


What do you think of Farthest Frontier? What's your favorite city builder? Let us know in the comments below!

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