Cities: Skylines World Tour Part 2 Marks The Beginning Of The End For City-Builder

Cities: Skylines has been receiving new content for eight years, and with the sequel now announced, Paradox has revealed the final expansions and content creator packs coming to its beloved city-builder.

Published: March 15, 2023 10:54 AM /


The Cities: Skylines World Tour Part 2 logo over three new types of content for the game

Paradox has revealed the final content packs making their way to Cities: Skylines. The last stops on the Cities: Skylines World Tour will take you to the African continent, expand your sporting horizons, and let you loose for shopping extravaganzas, and there are music collections on the way too, as well as a free update for everyone.

Last week, Paradox unveiled Cities: Skylines II, the long-awaited sequel to its now-classic 2015 city-builder. As the studio ramps up development on the sequel, it's time to say goodbye to the original Cities: Skylines (although Colossal Order says development support will continue "through the rest of the year" for the first game). To do so, three new Content Creator Packs are coming, as well as three Radio Stations and the free Hubs and Transport update, all in March. More content is on the way in May, too.

The first Content Creator Pack coming in March is Africa in Miniature, which adds 28 new buildings inspired by African architecture. It comes to us from creator Setonji Hotonu. Next is Sports Venues, created by modder BadPeanut. As the name suggests, Sports Venues brings new sporting animations and venue types. Lastly, KingLeno's Shopping Malls brings over 60 shopping-based assets, including department stores, plazas, and fast-food restaurants. All three of these packs will be released on March 22nd.

Three new Radio Stations are also being introduced. JADIA (Just Another Day In Africa) Radio Station is an African-inspired station created by musician Wan Shey, while 80s Movies Tunes adds around 70 minutes of 80s movie-inspired tracks to Cities: Skylines. Lastly, there's Pop-Punk Radio, which brings upbeat, fast-paced pop-punk to your city.

Finally, on March 22nd, you're also getting the Hubs and Transport update, a free patch that improves the transport system in Cities: Skylines, as well as throughout expansions After DarkSnowfallNatural Disasters, and Mass Transit. Lest you think that's all, though, think again, as three new Content Creator Packs and two new Radio Stations are also coming in May, as is a mini-expansion created by Colossal Order. You can take a look at the Cities: Skylines roadmap here.

The upcoming Cities: Skylines roadmap, which shows what content is coming to the game

Cities: Skylines is available to buy right now for PC, PlayStation consoles, Xbox platforms, and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more info about the second phase of the game's final content drops in May.

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